Striking Against Globalization

This story has appeared on a few left-wing/progressive blogs, but funnily enough it hasn’t seemed to have hit the radar of the Bloggin’ Tories — which is rather odd given their penchant for rabid union-bashing and their fondness for the wonders of neo-liberalism, the virtues of “free market” economics (*cough*), and the super-terrific benefits of globalization — I mean, after all, who wouldn’t want their wages ratcheted down to a “sustainable” level so they’re more on par with workers performing similar tasks in China, Peru and other parts of the developing world?

Or perhaps even they aren’t so blinded by their dysfunctional ideology not to recognize the corporate management of Vale Inco for the greedy rotten douchebags they are in this particular case.

Smell the Hypocrisy

From the same Bloggin’ Tory dingbat who continually bellyaches about big-spending government, howling indignantly about how it should keep its greedy, stinkin’ hands out of HER business and HER pockets!

We are sleeping through a recession, and no one seems to care. My husband has taken a 5% decrease in wages and he now works only 4 days a week. Our provincial government is doing nothing to help Albertans.

Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Working 20% less with only a 5% drop in income — oh, the humanity!