Franken Grills Sotomayor…

About the RARE triumphs of Hamilton Burger, Esq.

Hmmm… Good one! A trick question perhaps? After all, it could have been “The Case of the Deadly Verdict”… But then again, the correct answer may well be “The Case of the Terrified Typist” or even possibly “The Case of the Witless Witness”… Great mystery abounds!

Thanks Al, for raising these more comical legal issues for us to ponder at length.

M423 “Dragon Tank” Axed

As part of President Obama’s commitment to reduce military spending* the White House announced it plans to scrap the Pentagon’s multi-billion dollar program to build a gigantic tank in the shape of a dragon.

Backers of the project say the Dragon would have made killing enemies “efficient and totally awesome.”

*Not actually true.

“Prisoners of Power”

Macleans National Editor Andrew Coyne provides his scathing assessment of the Stephen Harper “Conservative” Party at the Manning Centre Conference 2009 in Ottawa (which I believe took place several months ago, back in the spring, but the video was just posted the other day).

h/t: CC, who mistakenly, I think, views this as a tragic case of “lost innocence.” In fact, however, this really isn’t anything all that terribly new for Coyne, who’s been quite witheringly critical of the government for some time now; for instance, blasting the Harper “Conservatives” during last year’s phony “baked in” election for their woeful “decline into incoherence” and throwing their fiscal principles and convictions under the campaign bus. This was a result, as Coyne put it, of having become “prisoners of power” — evidence of which he asserts can be demonstrated by them now being “entirely uninterested in spending cuts of any kind,” and so on.

Hardball: Bill Maher

A funny discussion about the outnumbered progressives that are “marbled in” to the so-called red states of the South.

Towards the end of the interview Maher makes an interesting point about Governor Mark Sanford relative to other cheating politicians that are “just having [sleazy] sex with the easiest roadkill they can find.”