Panga & Chips


Or “Vietnamese Cobbler” as the Times would more amusingly have it described.

Well, who knew? But in any case, don’t purists prefer halibut as opposed to cod? At least if a certain combination of fleshy firmity and flakiness is considered to be the acme of meaty satisfaction…

Regardless, I’m thinking there must be a terrific marketing opportunity here. The name alone is a winner in my opinion. (Never mind that it’s a farmed mutant catfish of somewhat dubious origin.)

Update: Oh, here’s another thing that cracked me up… There’s a “National Federation of Fish Friers” in Britain, apparently. I’d be curious to know whether the federated “fish friers” have an annual convention of some kind. I wonder what their keynote speeches and Powerpoint presentations are like.

Judging Sonya

Dahlia Lithwick previews several ways in which the confirmation hearing of SCOTUS nominee Judge Sonya Sotomayor will likely take shape.

Given her lengthy track-record of providing reliably keen insights concerning the subject, it’s more than probable that Lithwick’s assessment will arrive in fairly close proximity to the actual course of discussion that unfolds during what promises to be a relatively uneventful, slam-dunk hearing. (This sadly doesn’t preclude a lot of wrangling over identity politics, wild-eyed partisan hysteria, and complete zaniness coming from the voluble right-wing peanut gallery for the duration of her public vetting.)

The funny thing is that despite all the talk from the usual suspects of Sotomayor being a dangerously “activist judge” with a “radical liberal” agenda and so on, the fact of the matter is that the case law in question doesn’t support this ridiculous argument by any stretch of the imagination. If anything, she’s quite a reasonable moderate, a judicial minimalist… rather conservative even, some might say.

Balls & Strikes Update: So far, so predictable.