Faux Scandal du Jour

Or “Things Harper will NEVER be accused of…”

Which is probably too bad for him. Appearing somewhat more “human” evidently takes more than sweater vests and kittens.

The Jezebel celebrity blog has some mildly interesting commentary on the latest “scandal” which Drudge seedily refers to as Obama’s “SECOND STIMULUS PACKAGE”.

The Healthcare “Debate”

This dust-up yesterday on MSNBC between Firedoglake’s Jane Hamsher and Jillian Bandes from Clownhall.com is a fine example of what’s been described as the “cosmic irrationality” of the ongoing health care discussion in the United States these days.

By the way, the patient shown in that advertisement from the anti-reform “Patients United” organization who decries the failings of our own healthcare system… Her name is Shona Holmes from Waterdown, Ontario. She’s been featured in the National Post, on Fox News, etc. There’s just one slight problem with her heart-rending story of “surviving a brain tumor” — it’s not true.

In fact, she suffered from “Rathke’s cleft cyst” which is a “benign cystic lesion that affects the mainly the pituitary gland” and may cause “visual disturbances” (and possibly other symptoms). “Relief of symptoms is common with operative management with resolution of symptoms in 78% of cases…”

Update: Bonus hilarity re Jillian Bandes from Sadly No!