56 Replies to “Wafergate”

  1. Ah, Red! C’mon. Can you not appreciate the irony? Harper’s in Italy as this…expose, breaks? Write everyone you know in Italy and maybe they’ll throw him in jail or…if we’re lucky burn him at the stake (wait…would that put Doris Day in charge…I take it all back).

  2. At least he didn’t get stuck in the washroom when the service started.

    Wafergate, believe it or not, has hit HuffPo-World News.

    Last year it was puffins, this year wafers.

  3. I’ve done the same when I use to.

    The way things are these days I wouldn’t be the least surprised if this is the thing Harper does that galvanizes people to turn against him.

    I hope not, what a sad statement about the state of our population that would be.

    Is it even bread? It taste like “paper candy”. Anyone remember that stuff?

  4. It’s often the stupid things which matter.

    Since Catholics are supposed to believe that the cracker, once blessed, is literally Christ’s body, and since Christ is God, Harper has stolen a piece of God! What is he doing with it? Building a better PR machine, modeled after Bush’s successful Godbot Rove, I say.

    Of course, Rove (who was just deposed), is actually a tool of Satan, which only may prove who religion really serves…

    But anyway…

    Harper should have had an aid there to eat it for him. Or had covered it in cheese whiz before eating.

  5. At the absolute worst it might be considered somewhat disrespectful (I’d certainly never take Communion when attending a Catholic Mass out of deference to the canons of that church), but it’s easily enough understood as an overly-polite gesture gone wrong… At least, that’s how I would regard it.

    To impute anything else to this lapse of church protocol seems to me like quite a stretch of the imagination.

  6. I agree, this is seriously being blown out of proportion.

    Though I think its kind of ironic that a conservative politician is embroiled in a “controversy” for NOT putting body parts in their face while claiming they did.

  7. This really should have been a non-scandal but as with many scandals the problem is not the act but the coverup afterwords.

    With the exception of very few people this would have not been noticed. (I certainly didn’t)

    Then Mr. Harper’s spokeperson tried to claim Mr. Harper did not put the wafer in his pocket when it is obvious he did not put it in his mouth and it looks very much like he did put it in his pocket.

    Why the lie? Well people being people they are going to assume the worst. So instead of a little faux pas that can be resolve with a little mea culpa on Mr. Harper’s part they create a mini-crisis, ironically, just before Mr. Harper is supposed to meet The Pope.

  8. If Kinsella says this is a scandal, the Liblogs and many in the MSM will say it is….

    And yes, Ottlib the Harper spokethinghy was rather pathetic in his responses…

    When people complain and say Muslims should get over it when their religion is “insulted”…. well this kind of puts things in perspective…. Who would of thought that Catholics were at least twice as batshit crazy and ten times the hypocrites…

  9. CWTF — I don’t think anyone is calling for Harper’s head over this or invoking some kind of a “fatwa” so it’s more than a little unfair to suggest that Catholics are “twice as batshit crazy…” as extremist Muslim nutbars.

    Let’s try to keep things in perspective here.

  10. “I’m having a lot of difficulty cranking up any sense of “outrage” over this.”

    I can. There are many other things Harper has or has not done that warrants criticism, and instead the media give us this story.

    THAT is an outrage.

    Can we maybe try and ask him about his election claim that Canada would not go into deficit made at a point when we may have already been in deficit?

    But of course, the media should have been more proactive about hammering him and all the opposition leaders on that point at the time, so I suppose doing stories about that now would just expose their own incompetence.

  11. I like this latest shock. It’s real for some people and really amusing for others. Hapless Harpy gets it with both barrels.

  12. You know as soon as I saw this story at the globeandmail.com I knew this would be something Red would HAVE to post about.

    I thought Harper would’ve known about something like that.

  13. Does anyone know the teachings and protocol of Roman Catholicism well enough to know what happens to Christ’s body if one accepts the wafer and pockets it instead of eating it?

    I like this Pope. Good on environment. Good on finance reform. Bad on biotech R+D. I would assume the Pope knows how to rectify this situtation if S.Harper cares to ask next week.

  14. Well done R/T.. I’ve been poking around some Liberal blogs, and I’m actually quite impressed with many posters who show the same sense of perspective as your post.. there are serious issues in politics, and this is hardly one of them.

  15. It’s funny that Special K is pointing out that Harper’s faux pas seems to be an outrage to Catholics after his little Barney episode…. Way to go Liberal hypocrites.

  16. Kinsella’s a “pick-and-choose” Catholic.

    I don’t think we’ve ever before had a PM who wasn’t “high church” but I thought Harper would’ve known. Maybe he was trying to be accommodating.

    Who cares.

  17. Red, good call. Look, we all have our favourites and principles, and none of us is going to step back and give in — not even an inch.

    But both the media and the blogosphere should be discussing issues — real issues — instead of wasting everyone’s time with such non-stories.

    The health-care crisis, for example, is taking on scary proportions in many parts of the country, yet we waste our time arguing over this story or whether a certain parade in Toronto should have received federal funding or not.

    Education and access to it is yet another issue that will determine this country’s future more than any other topic (including health care and — yes, indeed — “man-made” global warming). What we do now in this field — NOW, not next year or in the next five or ten years — will decide the fate of Canada. Yet, is anyone seriously (and I do mean seriously) debating our future education option? Are the Tories talking about it? The Liberals? The NDP? No, once in a while one of theirs broaches the topic, only to drop it again just as fast without ever presenting any real solutions and concepts.

    Politicians come and go; they’re placeholders and/or pawns. I don’t care what Harper the person does or doesn’t do. I only care about the policies that end up getting implemented.

    Unfortunately, most in the media, and in the blogosphere, have forgotten what really matters.

  18. Does anyone know the teachings and protocol of Roman Catholicism well enough to know what happens to Christ’s body if one accepts the wafer and pockets it instead of eating it?

    Instant excommunication according to Latin Rite Code canon 1367, as this is a form of host desecration. In practice, most Catholics are so ignorant of Church doctrine it’s unlikely the Church would excommunicate anyone over a simple gaff, moronic Florida Catholics notwithstanding. (Much like having or participating in an abortion is an instant excommunication, but the Church doesn’t go to special lengths to find out Catholics who’ve done so.) Regardless, none of this means anything to Harper as a non-Catholic.

    The proper thing for Harper to do would have been to refuse the host, as it cannot be received “spiritually” by those not baptised into the Church. If the host is recovered I’d expect a priest could dispose of it after a proper desecration ceremony.

  19. We now have a ‘witness’ who assures that they saw Harper consume the host…

    The Speaker of the Senate of Canada, the Noël A. Kinsella, (a Catholic) even issued a statement refuting the claims the Prime Minister pocketed the holy wafer: “I would like to state that I personally witnessed Prime Minister Harper consume the host that was given to him by Archbishop André Richard. Sitting only a few seats behind him I had a full view of the proceedings and clearly saw the Prime Minister accept the host after Archbishop Richard offered it. The Prime Minister consumed it.” (ref)

  20. There once was a wanker named Marty,
    Who belonged to a piece of shit party,





    Ok, chillaxed now. The Liberal Party is simply too ugly for Canada, Red, and too ugly for you. They make you look bad; no mean feat, that. We’re a fucking G8 country and this childish shit is well beneath the dignity of even this colonial backwater.

    A Governor General’s funeral! And it was concerted! Shameful! Small! Childish! Vicious! Nasty!

    Look at yourself! You’re hideous!

    We are soooooooo going to fuck you motherfuckers up next election. Dead. The map, paint the motherfucker blue from coast to coast, you are quite simply too ugly for Canada.

    Today’s Liberal Party: Too Ugly For Canada. That’s going to be the tagline, my hideous, stomach turning adversary.

    We will break you financially, spiritually, and emotionally, and finally electorally.

    Small men! You are tiny! Little! Puny! Unworthy of Canada, unworthy to lick my ejaculate off your mother’s (wide, soiled) panties! Ugh! Gah.

    Dead. You cunts are so fucking dead next election and it’s going to be cruel. There will be outings, I guarantee you that. We’ll start with certain Limestone City prominent (yet flaccid, I hear) members. This is war, mothefucker; Kursk, multiplied by Waterloo, raised to the power of the siege of Ayutthaya.

    Dead. And we will enjoy the kill.

  21. Why would Harper walk out of his pew, head to the front of the church in a gesture that signifies that he wishes to receive communion?

    I am catholic and if I were invited to attend a religious ceremony in a synagogue I would not pretend to be a jew.

    Anyway, Harper is rude and ignorant, and so are countless Canadians who have been poking fun at this catholic sacrament all day.

  22. For what it’s worth – the speaker of the senate (witness) Noel Kinsella, in the Mulroney government, appointed to the senate by Mulroney and appointed speaker by Harper in 2006 – was he asked to say something in an effort to clear this up?

    I don’t think most people give a darn, but some staunch Catholics (elderly most I assume) and the priest at that church are upset.

    Oh, Harper, how hard is it to say you don’t know everything and you can make mistakes and apologize?

    It would have been a hour story if he’d just come off his high horse.

  23. By the way, I just googled ‘catholic communion etiquette’ and it took me less than five minutes to find out that one who is not catholic should not partake in the sacrament of the Eucharist.

    I am troubled to read that people like RuralSandi would denigrate people’s faith because of their age.

    We allow young muslim ladies to practise sports with a scarf on their head – why are catholics being ostracized for practicing their faith in the privacy of their church? No one forced Harper to attend this mass and no one forced him to come and ask for communion as he did.

    I think the prime minister and his staff have behaved in an uncivilised and uneducated manner. Don’t they have computers? Can’t they google like I just did?

    If I were to attend a service in a synagogue, I would google and search information on what to do – and what not to do – when one who is not jewish attends a religious service in a synagogue. Obviously, the prime minister does not have the social grace to do that. It makes me appreciate the fact that we have a governor general even more.

  24. am troubled to read that people like RuralSandi would denigrate people’s faith because of their age.

    My intention was NOT to denigrate….I was saying that the elderly take this more seriously as far as feeling insulted about it – that is not denigration for heaven’s sake.

    I am not Catholic, but I have friends of ALL ages that are….the youth are more tolerant and that’s a fact.

    With all the serious stuff going on around the world today, this seems petty to me.

  25. I think what is most disturbing is that the Prime Minister of a country like Canada does not know the proper protocol in a Roman Catholic funeral mass.

    At the same time, at any RC funeral masses I’ve attended the priest announces that those that have not been confirmed in the RC church, while they cannot partake in the Eucharist, can come forth and receive a blessing.

    Or, of course, they can just stay in their pew.

  26. I may be older than most on this thread but I am not blind. Harper was in line to receive communion and when the officiating priest stood in front of him, Harper put his hand forward asking to receive the host. Now, imagine the kerfuffle if the priest had refused to give it to him.

    This incident is an example of poor leadership. What have I been reading these past 24 hours posted on public forae ? Countless comments making fun of the Eucharist. This is entirely of Stephen Harper’s doing. I don’t know why anyone would wish to pin the blame on older catholics for the disrectful behaviour of the prime minister.

  27. As far as I’m concerned, the church was at fault by holding an ecumenical Eucharistic service and not putting an instruction in the liturgy bulletin (and/or making a public announcement) instructing what to do when receiving communion.

    My (Anglican) priest does this every Sunday. It says in our service bulletins at the point of communion in italicized letters: “All Baptized Christians may come forth and receive the bread and wine. Others may come forth and receive a blessing”. Then our priest will say something to that effect and tell people what to do just before the distribution. Most Anglican churches in the area do something similar.

    I can’t fault Harper for not knowing church protocol. He’s not Catholic. The church knew many non-Catholics and non-Christians would attend the service. The onus was on them to instruct everyone on what the rules are.

  28. Umm, isn’t it so that if you’re Christian you’re catholic? Ok, maybe too cheeky for some but what does catholic mean anyway? Isn’t universality the aim of Christianity? If that is true then communion is communion no? Shouldn’t any Christian priest or pastor be happy to share the Eucharist with any believer and vice versa? It’s neither here nor there of course….until the PMO says he ate it when it’s not at all apparent.

  29. No. Not all Christians are Catholic. The Roman Catholic Church makes up about 1/2 of the world’s Christian population. The rest are either Protestant or Eastern Orthodox, which the RCC considers flawed churches and denies their members communion.

  30. The more people talk about this, the dumber it gets.

    It was fun for about two minutes, but now it’s just cretinous. Of course, the lying and the cover-ups from the Conservatives are as outrageous as always, but that’s nothing novel.

  31. Could you imagine though, if it was Ignatieff or Layton? It would be the perfect storm of wingnut rage.

  32. Well, one day PMSH will reach in his pocket for a pen and pull out a broken pringle.

  33. “Geez – I never heard this amount of outrage at the abuse of children.”

    In a scandal that’s … what … a few hours old? You exaggerate greatly … that’s for sure.

    As a matter of fact, what you say is ludicrous … that’s for sure.

  34. I’ve been to mass with Roman Catholic family members. I made a half hearted effort to copy the shoulder-to-shoulder and face to torso cross motion. Family said I don’t need to do this. I said I was trying to be polite. They said is was for RCs only.
    I said sorry.
    Was end of story.

  35. funny, but grew old quick (kinda like the leftover bits from the punched-out hosts that the monseigneur would bring by my grade school…ummm, christly carbs)

  36. I don’t give a damn about a stupid cracker…I do find it amusing though that the same folks that were apoplectic about PZ Meyers doing this are all about the “no big deal” now…

    Funny that eh?

    Imagine if it had been Iggy who did this though…we’d never hear the end of it.

    Gawd I despise religion …

  37. “Gawd is chuckling at that too … that’s for sure.”

    jesus’s sockpuppet ladies and gentlemen. holy fuck.


  38. KEvron!

    WHistling PAst THe GRave YArd AGain? SO BRave. SO NOt FUnny THough … THat’s FOr SUre.

    ABu ABas ABat IS NOt A SOck PUppet; HE FRowns ON SUch DEceptions … THat’s FOr SUre.

  39. Clowns are very egocentric.

    They’re not usually dull though. Even your mad clown routine isn’t interesting. “Conservative Attack Squad” is actually better at that than you are.

  40. I’m having a lot of difficulty cranking up any sense of “outrage” over this.

    At least it gets MJ out of the news cycle for a few minutes.

    This is truly the sign of the end of serious news reporting in this country.

  41. Oh, Tiggy, you really cut me to the quick. Didn’t I just say that I do this for MY entertainment?

    That means: “not yours.”

  42. “Asshat — I’m sure that in the field of blog clown commenting you’re a ‘God’… ”

    I assume by “Asshat” you mean me. (Good one!) Nevertheless, as KEvron implied, I am Jesus’s [sic] sockpuppet, the lord “gawd” of the Trolls.

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