21 Replies to “Being Here”

  1. Speaking of GE, they make great weed wackers.

    Because, if you think those are radishes, you are in for a severe disappointment.

    KEvron, BAd FOrm FOr POinting OUt REd’s POor SPelling, BUt KUdos TO REd FOr SMoothly ACknowledging THe BOner. REd ALmost MAkes HIs REaders BElieve THat HE KNew THe COrrect SPelling ALl ALong!

  2. Penlan — Mostly radishes (several kinds) but also spinach, red lettuce, spring onions, and some mescaline mix. I’ve got a pot full of perennials, but they’re taking a bit longer to come along…

    The plant on the left, by the way, is a fig tree, if you can believe it (now coming back after having been hacked down to a stump).

  3. I’ve seen it spelled both ways. I think it was the former on the seed packet, but I could be wrong.

    Sheesh. You and KEv… 🙂

  4. Sheesh. You and KEv…

    I only know one definition of “mescaline.” I know mesclun because it eez…’ow wee say…a franche word?

    Actually, it’s Occitan, but that’s being pedantic and vainly intellectual.

  5. fig tree eh…one of the most amazing wildlife documentaries is on the ecosystem that is the fig “The Queen of Trees”. definitely worth the watch.

    and if that is mescaline…do share 😉

  6. “Sheesh. You and KEv…”

    d’oh! it’s “gardner”. best wipe this post clean and start fresh, bub.

    if you really want to “be there”, you should go with the mescaline….


  7. oh, well fuck. i’m finding all three spellings. wiki has “gardiner”. “gardener” is right out, else the gag doesn’t work. “gardner” is the spelling i’m most familiar with, in general.


  8. Damn, you planted yours later, and they are way more vigorous than mine!
    Must be slugs, deer, and darkness.

  9. I love figs – especially those wrapped up in prosciutto. I had a fig tree in the back yard when I lived in Oak Bay. It was humongous. I loved it.

    Here in Toronto I have tomatoes growing in the studio window (alas, North facing) but we have flowers…so maybe we’ll get some fruit!

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