Déjà Vu All Over Again?

It would probably be a safe bet that going forward into the next election the Liberals’ will disavow any connection with the doomed Greenshift® (aka the “tax on everything” according to the Harperettes) which proved to be such a disastrous liability at the ballot box last fall. But what instead will they be advocating to limit carbon emissions? Perhaps a complex trading scheme such as the one favoured by the current U.S. administration… What could possibly go wrong with that?

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Danielle Ward looks on the bright side of the credit crunch with a money making idea, Charlie looks at the Week in Bullshit, Nick Davies talks about how PR spin can change the media’s view and Dermot Murnaghan rides round on a bike in search of tales of economic woe.

Stray Steyn

In his “Random Rush” segment, Sam Seder takes on substitute host Mark Steyn (!) on the issue of Iran.

As was demonstrated so ably yesterday by Paul Wells on the Macleans blog, the fact-challenged Steyn is thoroughly delusional.


Wow. Here’s a completely unedifying, utterly pointless video from Team Ignatieff, released in connection with the announcement of an upcoming trip to China in September, presumably to showcase Iggy on the world stage. The ostensible reason given however is that of “developing a greater understanding of China” and opening doors to “greater opportunities for trade.” China does, after all, account for a whopping 2.1% of our exports, you know!

Doubtless we can look forward to similar announcements of globe-trotting trips to come, most likely scheduled sometime between the end of BBQ season and the resumption of parliament.

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Absent any serious interest on my part in what laughably passes for “politics” in this damn country, I thought it might be fun instead to feature some of Charlie Brooker’s acerbic musings on the inner workings of the news media. So here we go… Enjoy!

Hodgman-Obama Comedy Duo

Here’s a real treat if you’re a John Hodgman enthusiast like me. The renowned writer-actor-Colonial surgeon was the entertainment headliner at the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner the other night. He roasted the president for being a nerd (geek), a jock or possibly both, referencing his place in popular culture and passion for comics and science fiction.

And here’s the Kwisatz Haderach’s performance at the same event.