Jackson Farewell Tour Cancelled

Show “overtaken by crushing irony” says press agent.

Pop singer and freaky side-show attraction Michael Jackson gamely announcing his “final curtain call” tour back in March at the O2 Arena:

This is it. This is it. These will be my final shows, performances, in London. This is it. And when I say this is it, I mean this is it.

This is really it. This is the final curtain call, OK? See you in July.

Ah, but not so much “it” as things turned out…

In other “thrilling” news from the celebrity obits this week, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon also kicked the bucket with unceremonious aplomb.

20 Replies to “Jackson Farewell Tour Cancelled”

  1. That’s a strange threesome… almost seems like the guest stars from an episode of Love Boat.

  2. poor form to lump farrah and ed in with the prince. 1) neither had the overblown sense of themselves that jackson regularly displays, and 2) too soon.


  3. I suspect “Jacko” had a childhood “unexperienced” – as well as other issues.

    What do you do when you peak at age 11?

    Let him rest.

  4. Earthsong – what a powerful video. Thanks for posting it.
    RIP Michael, and thanks for all the music.

  5. As I heard from Radley Balko on Twiter this morning:

    “Wasn’t it supposed to be Michael Jackson that died while masturbating in a closet and David Carradine that died of a heart attack??”

    Just sayin’.

    FWIW, I’m having a real hard time working up any sympathy or nostalgia over the death of a creepy pedo, no matter how many songs he wrote.

    So, any bets on the cause of death being “misadventure” or even suicide?

  6. I never liked his music, even at the height of his career. So I don’t really have much to reflect on. A long, drawn-out tragedy that’s finally over.

  7. “A long, drawn-out tragedy that’s finally over.”

    Doesn’t Tupac Shakur still put out at least an album a year? Some might argue that the tragedy has just begun.

  8. Some might argue that the tragedy has just begun.

    Yeah, but there won’t be any preoccupation with real human suffering, so the whole thing can be observed with a certain degree of detachment or ignored altogether.

    I always compared Michael Jackson with Judy Garland; both were surrounded by people who had no vested interest in seeing them get better. Unlike Amy Winehouse, for example, who at least has real friends who’ve intervened out of genuine sense of concern.

  9. Interesting comparison Ti-Guy, I’d add Howard Hughes to that comparison to. I wonder if Michael’s handlers will produce a “Mormon Will” that signs his estate over to them.

  10. I’d add Howard Hughes to that comparison to.

    I’m not sure about that. I think Hughes suffered from very clinical mental health issues, such as OCD. I don’t know; his reclusiveness might also have been a result of realising he was surrounded by people who wouldn’t/couldn’t help him.

    The interpretation of Judy Garland’s circumstances came from Arthur Miller who believed Marilyn Monroe’s downfall could be explained in that way. Anyone who’s ever seen how a celebrity’s entourage behaves and assessed the type of people who like to be a part of an entourage, it’s not surprising.

  11. Sorry Ti-Guy, I wasn’t clear on my comparison with Hughes. I was referring more to his entourage of shady figures at the end of his life: most particularily his Mormon bodyguards. Michael Jackson brought in a religious group during his second trial that he felt would keep him more protected: the Nation of Islam. There’s been nasty stories about his entourage since then but then again I am just speculating.

  12. I was referring more to his entourage of shady figures at the end of his life: most particularily his Mormon bodyguards

    I wasn’t aware of that.

    Celebrities are so weird.

  13. What is tragic, is the extent to which people have feelings about someone who:

    a) they don’t know; and
    b) who doesn’t matter a lick to the functioning of society.

    I can understand the tears when JFK was killed, or MLK Jr., or RFK.. but MJ? FF?

    Not so much.

  14. So Rob, say someone you know hits a person and kills them with a car. The person just had a regular joe job and didn’t know your friend. Does that mean that it’s tragic if anyone feels any emotion for this stranger? Should their death mean any less because you don’t deem their life as mattering “a lick to the functioning of society” and because they weren’t known by the other person involved? This is all hypothetical but it does put your statement into a situation where its flaws show.

    Different strokes for different folks Rob. People get upset about people dying for their own personal reasons. Those who criticize them for that look callous.

  15. I was just reading that Aldous Huxley, C.S. Lewis and John F. Kennedy all died on the same day.

    Can anyone else think of another time we had a few major personalities die at the same time?

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