Hodgman-Obama Comedy Duo

Here’s a real treat if you’re a John Hodgman enthusiast like me. The renowned writer-actor-Colonial surgeon was the entertainment headliner at the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner the other night. He roasted the president for being a nerd (geek), a jock or possibly both, referencing his place in popular culture and passion for comics and science fiction.

And here’s the Kwisatz Haderach’s performance at the same event.

Bravehearts of Bozeman

Ah, Montana… Big Sky Country, a state where freedom-loving citizens pride themselves on their independence and pioneer spirit; where outspoken conservatives, libertarians and radical right-wing militiamen are striving to create a pro-liberty culture, where there are no publicly funded schools, gun control laws would be abolished, and health and social services privatized. Also a place where the town of Bozeman (An “All America City”) is asking city job applicants to share their private logins and passwords to social networking and other Web sites as part of a background check Go figure.

Apparently, responding to the storm of outrage from across the country, the city may look at changing the policy so that they could view an applicant’s social networking sites without asking for login information. One option would be to have an applicant add the city as a “friend” on such sites as Facebook. Now what could possibly be wrong with that, huh?