Celebrity in Chief

An inside look from the White House at the gag featuring President Obama where Stephen Colbert got his head shaved by General Odierno while filming his show in Iraq.

Red Ball of Ire

As far as conceptual art projects go, the Red Ball is a playful means of engaging with people; one that invites them to interact with it in a fun way on a physical level (e.g., by hurling themselves at it) or even perhaps changes their perception of their environment by its unusual presence in familiar surroundings.

Of course, here in Canada it’s also an opportunity for professional wankers like Kev Gaudet to moan about the cost (which is entirely unknown) to taxpayers.

Not to mention affording the usual gang of philistines and lunkheads populating the ranks of the Bloggin’ Tories another chance to rehash the tiresome old argument that the only good art must be commercially successful.