Big Deal

Monty Harper

Hey kids, just look at the fabulous prizes Michael Ignatieff won playing Let’s Make a Deal with Steven “Monty” Harper.

Behind Door #2? A “blue ribbon panel”… Whoa! That’s sure going to be a relief for all the folks that have been deemed ineligible for employment insurance, isn’t it? Maybe they can use the resulting white paper as heating fuel this winter.

Behind Door #3? A brand new… (no, it’s not a car) report card!!! Complete with a bonus “opposition day” in the fall. Yowza! Another opportunity whereby the Liberals can threaten to bring down the government or at least get several days worth of media coverage pretending that they’re really, really serious this time and not just messing around.

Good thing he didn’t pick the summertime election behind Door #1…

Update: The official spin — “Getting results for Canadians!”

Update2: The official Conservative spin — “Victory is mine!”

An internal memo circulated amongst Conservatives declared victory over Ignatieff.

“The Liberals have reversed themselves on EI reform (their 360-hour demand has been abandoned) and withdrawn the threat to force an unnecessary summer election,” the memo said, referring to Ignatieff’s push for a 360-hour EI eligibility threshold across the country.

“Instead, the Liberals will vote for the next round of stimulus in our Economic Action Plan.”

And so with the economy still limping along and tens of thousands more Canadians joining the ranks of the unemployed, our elected representatives will soon be rushing to take a paid vacation lasting all summer long. It’s BBQ time!