Twatwaffles v. Letterman

After watching Dave’s second apology last night about this asinine kafuffle, I actually thought that would be the end of the matter. But nooooo…

Good grief, what a vicious pack of hyenas.



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11 responses to “Twatwaffles v. Letterman

  1. philosoraptor

    What. The. F*ck.

    Every time I think I’ve seen the nadir of right wing lunacy, someone links to something like this. I’m almost speechless.

  2. Phillip Huggan

    When he interviewed that PoW (hospital captors followed Geneva) in 2003 and asked her mock-bewildered if they had hospitals in Iraq (mostly no because among first targets bombed); that was hilarious. It was even funnier when they bombed the hospital supply depots and electricity stations. When 4 million refugees left and USA dissolved police, killing civil order and when Mossad began secretly (still) assassinating Iraqi “enemies” and intellectuals…too funny. 2009 they might get electricity to 2002 levels, albeit at a 1000x kwh cost.
    When the artifacts from the birthplace of civilization (most important *art* relics on Earth) were looted (after being safe for 8000 years) and when Marines built a Helipad on the Ruins of Babylon…I nearly cried.

  3. That’s great that video was done by NY Mag.

  4. Ti-Guy

    Did you catch the two guys pretending to French kiss behind the last screeching lunatic (‘Letterman is a verbal pedophile!’) right at the end? Heh.

  5. Keep it up folks – Letterman’s rating have skyrocketted – they won’t fire him.

    Do these people not have anything to do?

    Apparently, Leno has said worse things over the years, but it’s okay because he’s a Republican.

  6. Navvy

    Ti-Guy, that had me laughing to.

    The video makes it look like there was actually a bit of a turn out, but no:

  7. Paul Raposo

    Jay Leno said something just as “nasty” about Palin’s daughter last year. Why no demands for an apology from Sarah and the rightwing over that? Maybe because Leno is a good Republican and Letterman is not?

  8. Paul Raposo

    Whoops! RuralSandi beat me to it 8^)

  9. Ti-Guy

    The whole thing seems to have been coordinated by John Ziegler. This John Ziegler:

    A carnival of Right Wing Lunatics.

  10. So here we have an example of what’ll be the standard should Palin and her supporters should ever start running that country.

  11. I heard that Ziegler fled the scene in a cab almost immediately when he realized the turnout was so pathetic. What a loser.

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