Ixion’s Wheel


Evidently, Canadian Cynic’s most recent encounters with some of the more obdurately clueless inhabitants of various right-wing blogs has led him to the amusing conceit that he’s Galactus — “a fearsome force in the blogosphere, totally awesome in my awesome awesomeness,” &etc.

Well, perhaps… but rather than a mega-villain who “comes from outer space and eats planets, or some stupid thing,” as Stan Lee put it, if one is seeking metaphors of absolute futility, I’d suggest that more apposite comparisons can be drawn from classical Greek mythology than the pages of Marvel comics. The eternal punishments meted out by the gods to Tantalus and company are far more akin in the nature of their perverse cruelty to the utterly hopeless struggle of “trying desperately to engage… in good faith on legitimate issues” with the usual band of astonishingly witless, profoundly ignorant loons that sadly overpopulate the “Bloggin’ Tories” and other such tragically awful cesspools of strident idiocy on the Intertubes. Face it — such attempts at creating a “rational discourse” with rabid ideologues are always bound to fail… at least, so it would seem.

Likewise, while it may be maliciously amusing to alternately ventilate one’s frustrations by way of mockery — “Ruthlessly. Relentlessly. And, most of the time, at a safe distance” — there’s also a pointless absurdity involved with such efforts. After all, how much satisfaction can ultimately be derived from routinely shooting fish in a barrel?

Well, to each his/her own, I guess, but personally, I’d really prefer not to waste time or effort with that kind of pursuit. Most of the BTs are really, really dumb. Okay, we get it. So why then pay the slightest bit of attention to them? It would be far better in my opinion to simply ignore them and remain entirely indifferent, or even completely oblivious to the howling lunacy and blithering nonsense of these marginal cranks rather than forever stubbornly attempting to knock some sense into their impenetrably thick skulls.