Specter Vision

It’s a somewhat good thing one supposes that Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter switched parties the other day to avoid certain defeat in the next primary battle at the hands of the far right-wing Club for Growth, but it’s also more than a little funny to reflect on his words delivered in response to the defection of Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont from the Republican Party in 2001:

“I intend to propose a rule change which would preclude a future reoccurrence of a senator’s change in parties in mid-session, organizing with the opposition…”

13 Replies to “Specter Vision”

  1. Hypocrite! So what’s new? Wants to save his ass now to be sure to get re-elected. Hope the “real” Dem gets elected next time around.

  2. This is why this site is on my “blogs worth reading” list.. good post, and NPoV.. you’re right, the article is well written.

    Just another example, as I keep saying like a broken record, that politicians are completely delusional today.. I believe they truly believe that their job is.. to keep their job.

    That’s all Specter did. I am, however, somewhat disappointed in Obama. It is one thing to allow him in (which in and of itself is questionable).. but it’s another thing to make some grand gesture on CNN giving him a big welcoming hug.

    I don’t agree with everything Obama is doing.. but I think, at his core, he wants to change the way business is done. This wasn’t one of his better 100 days.

  3. Hmmm… what was that I just read about Harper falling back on a quasi-coalition with Socialists and Separatists?

  4. we made a deal with Stalin at one time to defeat Hitler too.

    Godwin’d in five comments. Not bad.

  5. MoS — “Tories court Bloc and NDP in bid to hold onto power” ah, yes.

    Too funny for words. Wasn’t it back just a few months ago that Harper was vehemently denouncing such an arrangement when it was the Liberals courting the same groups? And what happened to the notion that the Liberals only cared about “power” and being in control of the government as the only thing they believed in? I seem to remember Conservatives howling quite passionately about that for… years. But now it’s all different, of course.

  6. R/T..

    Ok.. in 2005, the PC’s allign with the Bloc against the Liberals, and the Liberals cry “foul”..

    * “Let me tell you, Stephen Harper, you made an alliance with the Bloc, not me. The Bloc wants only one thing: a referendum to divide us and break up our country.” (Paul Martin, Globe and Mail, November 29, 2005)

    Being somewhat consistent, Stephane Dion confirmed that position..

    *”We cannot have a coalition with a Party that has a platform that would be damaging for the economy. PERIOD.” – Stephane Dion, Sept. 24, 2008..

    Of course.. we all know what happened then.. yes, Mr. Dion did in fact form his coalition – not simply to prop up a minority government position, but in fact, to seize the chair of the Prime Minister..

    *”I’m pleased to announce we are ready to form a government,” said Dion,” Globe and Mail, Dec. 1, 2008.

    Oh.. so, now, I guess, a formal agreement with the Bloc to acquire power is ok.. oh, I see, that’s uh.. different I guess..

    But wait.. apparently, NOW it’s a bad idea to enter into arrangements with the Bloc..

    Do we really want to get into a contest over who screwed the pig first?

    Perhaps, those of us who turn down the kool-aid served by our “team” can just agree that there is an illness in government called, “acquire and keep power but whatever the means”.

  7. Do we really want to get into a contest over who screwed the pig first?

    There’s no contest. The Right did when it united to form that unholy coalition called the Conservative Party of Canada.

    Not working out, is it? Too bad, so sad…

  8. Do we really want to get into a contest over who screwed the pig first?

    There’s no contest. The Right did when it united to form that unholy coalition…

    Quite so. Political pigs do not “screw”; they “merge”.

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