So Long, For Now


Well, I’m just winding things down here and will be relocating to Vancouver in the next couple of days, but may not be back online for a bit, just so you don’t think I’ve dropped off the planet if there’s no posting for a while.

88 Replies to “So Long, For Now”

  1. SR — I’m staying with an old friend out in Coquitlam for a while and then we’ll see. The idea is to come back sometime in the summer, but for now I just need to take a break from things, relax and get my head together. To be honest, I haven’t been feeling very well lately in many respects.

  2. Sorry to hear that RT. I hope things get better for you.

    On that note, but slightly OT, I would like to send you a donation, but I really do not want to leave my credit card information with paypal – colour me excessively paranoid.

    If you want to drop me an email with an address/box number to send a cheque, I would be happy to do so. In the alternative, I will be in Victoria in July so could leave a brown envelope with the hotel clerk for you. 🙂 (That is, if you are back there by then).

    I don’t want to invade your privacy so perhaps we can come up with a reasonable alternative. I will leave that up to you.

  3. Re “I haven’t been feeling very well lately in many respects.”

    So then you do what you have to do. Coquitlam is sorta Scarberia energy. Don’t you know anyone in the interior where you could hang out? Ditto Gayle re email address.

  4. Hope your move goes smoothly and that the change/break will do you good.

    Looking forward to seeing your posts when you are ready.

  5. Damn.. where am I going to get abused by TiGuy?

    You take care R/T.. there are too few open-minded thinking bloggers out there, so don’t stay away too long! If I had to recharge somewhere, there are much worse places than Vancouver, having lived there for three years myself..

  6. They say a change is as good as a rest – I hope it’s true for you.

    Sometimes when a person goes through a lot it’s a good idea to get away from the scene and look at it from the outside.

    One door closes and another one opens – and all that good wishes talk is really true.

  7. Hi

    I have been taking my time responding to our last email chat, and just read this quickly and wanted to let you know I will be emailing you beack in the next day or 2. So, email me when you are settled and then i will have this gmail account logged into my contacts.

    I will be keeping very good thoughts and hoping you are safe and ok.
    Let me know when you are there and settled, as I shall be worrying.

    Be well and talk soon.


  8. Oh dear, I’m sorry this has all turned out like this….but glad that you will get some rest and enjoy yourself.

    Post something once in awhile just to let us know what you are up to and how it’s going.

    And if you ever get back to blogging regularly, remember that you really don’t have to post everyday, or even 5-6 times a day silly….you could get some balance. 😉

    Take care….

  9. Better health to you; if you don’t take invitations to share a coffee as a threat, let’s sit down sometime. Be kind to yourself and those around you.

    Cheers, Coffee

  10. Take care Red, I will be watching for you. A lot of us care what happens to you. Hope things work out.

  11. Sorry KEv, no liquor. My doctor says I’ve got to stay away from the stuff as it cancels out the effects of my meds (which I haven’t been taking long enough for them to work yet — weeks and months, apparently) making me further depressed. So I’ll follow his advice and see what happens… There’s a concept, huh?

  12. Relax, enjoy the spring.

    Don’t read any more Richard Dawkins.

    Try Demian, by Herman Hesse, or anything by P.J. O’Rourke.


  13. Oh RT! You will be greatly missed!! Take all the time you need to heal & get stronger. Life’s a bitch at times & can feel like such a heavy load. You will get through this.

    Peace be with you…

  14. Tomm — I’m reading Antonia Fraser’s Faith & Treason about the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. It’s excellent — I highly recommend it.

    Man, I’ve given away so many books in the last few days and tons of CDs, not to mention practically everything else that I owned that won’t fit into a couple of suitcases. Much of it I gave to the Church of the Advent out here. Life is pretty ironic sometimes, huh? So now I’m almost completely unencumbered one might say. It feels good actually — very liberating.

  15. To everyone else… Thanks for your kind wishes and support. It’s greatly appreciated.

    I’ll miss our daily conversations about politics and other things of interest and look forward to resuming our discussions at some point in the future when I’m in a better frame of mind.

  16. red, take good care and we’ll look forward to your return. enjoy the season and charge your batteries.

  17. Must suck.

    When you’re in Vancouver you can volunteer at the government funded heroin house.

    You can watch people inject their heroin, and if you’re really good, you can follow them and watch the robberies and thefts they commit about 15 minutes later.

    All the best in Vancouver.

  18. Have fun in Vancouver, Red. There’s some amazing Korean food in Coquitlam which is definitely worth checking out.

    Don Colon, have you ever had the courage to step foot in the DTES? From the apparent ignorance of your ill-timed joke I’d say no.

  19. “can we just refer to don as “colon4evr”?”

    “Colon” is Canadian French for rube, hick or moron.

  20. Your daily postings have become very popular at the American forum I post at. I give them links almost daily!

    They are going to miss them dreadfully, as am I! Have a good rest and come back soon, you are a refreshing voice on both Canadian and American issues.

  21. Seems the only time I come here you are quitting blogging. What, is it three times now? or four?

    Just stick to your meds, Red, and away from the whiskey. Get well soon, the prayers of all atheists and non-Christians are behind you.

  22. Vancouver? Bunch of commies!

    Come back east, where the sensible folk are!

    Anyhow, best wishes, good luck, and all that.

    Avoiding alcohol in the short term may be a good idea, but don’t let it go on for too long. Or at least take up smoking weed.

  23. Just caught this…take care of yourself, RT and best wishes. Totally understand the need for a break, so have a good one.

    Loved BC this weekend, btw, great time. Hopefully Vancouver will boost your spirits!

  24. Fenris — Yes, funny that, isn’t it? But for the record, I’m not “quitting” — just taking a hiatus or long overdue “mental health break” if you will. I’ll be back before too long once things settle down and the batteries have sufficiently recharged. In the meantime, I’m going to try and enjoy life a little more than has been the case for… well, a very long time.

  25. If your respite involves any reading, I will return the favour of a book recommendation (Faith & Treason is on its way from the Shelburne library) by recommending an excellent book dealing roughly with the same English era entitled ‘By Permission of Heaven’ authored by Adrian Tinniswood. The book tells the story of London’s Great Fire of 1666. It’s a fascinating read.

  26. hey. quit it. take your break already. none of this “i’ll justread blogs, maybe comment just a little.” let it all go, bub. it’ll still be here after you’ve had your rest. we’ll wait.

    and don’t even think about telling me how right i am….


  27. Hey, Red:

    Take your break. I’m basically just a “troll” for the most part, and I feel I need a break as well.

    (Sorry. I certainly wasn’t trying to compare you to me.)

  28. Hey RT

    You must miss your friends on here as i imagine all the big changes are also a bit lonely, so if you pop on here when you can, why not.

    I’m going to send you an email later today, so we shall talk then. Hope everything went good.

  29. Nic — KEv’s gonna bitch slap me for responding (and rightly so). 😉 I’ll look forward to getting your email later on sometime. Actually, I’m kind of liking the gmail thing — I get waaaaay less spam and crap which is just great. Still camped out at my wife’s place finishing up some business and other loose ends before heading over to the mainland next week, but it’s been very pleasant and low-key… quite fun even.

    S&S — Thanks for the video. I saw one like it on Hannity the other day (a cheap shot slamming Obama for his burger made “fancy” with Dijon mustard — go figure) and had forgotten that Richardson was in those ads.

  30. Tell me about it. Hannity would have a bourgeois coronary if he opened my fridge door.

  31. The only positive thing about life in the Coquitlam area that I can say is: the WestCoast Express.
    This is the way to go.

  32. “The only positive thing about life in the Coquitlam area that I can say is: the WestCoast Express.”

    my 2 cents: swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns mmmm. the 50 cent hotdogs hit the spot too, after a long walk sloggin through the swedish superstore.

  33. “Mike123
    May 12, 2009 at 9:01 pm
    good ridance”

    Funny thing that. Was just thinking, yesterday, how long it was going to take for you to show up here, LIB4EVER, & say something nasty. The bitterness you carry around inside of you will kill you one of these days if you don’t get rid of it. And I don’t mean that unkindly. Saying it for your well-being. Bitterness eats away at a person & can make them very, very sick over time.

  34. Well said penlan..

    Mike – we’re actually all in this together.. ultimately, believe it or not, we all more or less want the same things, we just sometimes don’t agree on how to get there..

    Lighten up, have some regard for even those who you strongly disagree with. That is the hallmark of a healthy and free democracy.

    Hope your break’s treating you well R/T

  35. Rob — Things are going pretty well, all considered. Just what the doctor ordered, you might say. And now that I’ve got most of my loose ends tied up here, I’ll be heading over to Vancouver this weekend. Should be interesting… I’m quite looking forward to it. A new adventure and all that.

    Regarding your comments, I’d like to think that “we all more or less want the same things” as you say (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the objectives that immediately come to mind), but I’m not entirely convinced of that. Though it may well be true of the majority, unfortunately there will always be a good number of incredibly bitter, mean-spirited individuals like “Mike123” that are so consumed by the inner demons of their own festering grievances and other such corrosive mental depravities, that enjoyment for them can only be derived from inflicting harm on others or relishing that which causes suffering or detriment to the fixations of their hatred. One has to feel sorry for such pathetic creatures, perhaps faintly hoping for a speedy termination of their existence here on planet Earth — preferably by some comical twist of fate.

  36. LOL.. good to hear from you.. and that you’ve kept your feisty wit while getting some R&R. Enjoy Vancouver, I lived there for three years, and nothing beats Vancouver in the spring.. (except all those damned leftists everywhere you

  37. The last time I lived in Vancouver it was during the fall/winter which I found oppressively miserable. I’d much prefer the sunny, sub-zero weather of Edmonton or Calgary than that any day. But I’m quite looking forward to spending the rest of spring and summer over there.

  38. Tune out the leftists, Rob, tune them out. Seriously, it works like a charm for me when I have to be around the right wing knuckledraggers whenever I’m in the Sundre area. 😉

    Have fun in Vanquitlam this summer Red, take advantage of the restaurants too if you get the chance. If everything else sucks in Vancouver we’ve still got the food. 🙂

  39. Who exactly are these “damned leftist” BCers that you speak of? Are they the folks who vote for right-wing Liberals provincially? Or are they the ones who cast federally for the even further to the right former Reform/Alliance cretins? I’m just curious because it would seem to me that the last decade has seen anything but a left bent to British Columbia’s attitudes and its subsequent politics.

  40. I can hear the beat, Mike123, as you do the rye dance (ridance??!!?!)
    Leave RT alone or you’ll have to deal with an angry ortho who will hack you mercilessly.
    Attack ads, indeed.

  41. Omar — No kidding. The myth of supposed “liberalism” in BC is widely misrepresented. If anything, I suspect that it’s a widespread form of independent libertarianism that winds up being expressed in different ways but never quite neatly aligns with the conventional choices on offer or manages to coalesce around third-party alternatives for whatever reason. Perhaps that might account for the prevailing apathy, obscure mandates, and diffuse outcomes that generally characterize politics here in the province these days.

    SR — Dim Sum… I think that’s now quite out of fashion, along with salad bars and other food service options that effectively put the onus on diners to create their own meals. Truth be told, I always hated Dim Sum (or “Yuck Cha”, as I preferred to call them) brunches… Usually they were a dodgy concept terribly executed.

    EM — Beware the vengeful orthos! Or for that matter, anyone armed with precision cutting/drilling tools and some potentially dangerous knowledge of human anatomy.

  42. Hahaha.. you know, I never really thought to much about the dissonance between the electorate, who often vote right (no pun intended) – I mean, when I lived there, Bill Vanderzalm was Premier for god’s sake.. and the reality of life in metro Vancouver – which is anything but right-leaning..

    Maybe you’re correct – maybe what I perceived was not so much “left leaning” as, well, chaotic.. and uncertain..

  43. “the reality of life in metro Vancouver” Oh god that statement is truly funny coming from someone in Lethbridge. Chaotic, uncertain? How Rob?

    Right now I take a look out of my window and frankly Vancouver looks quiet and uneventful. Sunny too. It’s a very nice day and Im pretty sure that noone is part of any leftist cabal or trying to destabilize the city.

    Is there really that little to do in Lethbridge that you take pot shots at other cities for being different? It’s not like Lethbridge is the epicenter of cool.

  44. S&S — Perhaps what Rob perceives as “chaotic” and “uncertain” others might simply regard as being diverse and lively. Or in my case, not so much… Out here in sleepy Millardville, for example, it’s just another pleasantly quiet day where the loudest thing in the neighbourhood is the church bell occasionally pealing from Notre Dame de Lourdes across the street. I might add that the sun is shining, the birds are singing and there’s not a cloud in the sky!

  45. when one get’s attacked for acknowleding some need to re-think their perception. LOL.. R/T – even when you’re on leave, your blog still creates discussion.. not sure if that’s a compliment, I suggest it is.

    Uh.. my “perception” is never wrong. It is just how I see it. Which is always, well, what it is. Living in Vancouver for three years, and going back a few times each year – because I love it’s vibrancy and climate – allows me to posit why I’m not there anymore.

    I’m in business.

    I chose not to be in business in Vancouver.

    I find, in my acknowledged limited ability to compare – that Alberta has a tendancy to be, well, relatively “boring”, government-wise.

    Government in BC, over the last few decades, is anything but boring – and when that’s coupled with a very “lively” labor culture, well, I prefer to do business in boring little Lethbridge, thank-you.

    Oh, btw, Saphire – how long did you live in Alberta, let alone Lethbridge, before suggesting how “cool” Vancouver is by comparison?

    Not that Lethbridge is “cool”. But I can get all the “coolness” I want when I visit Vancouver a couple times a year.

  46. Hey assorted archenemies:

    I’ve finally got my own blog. Come and enjoy spirited debate.

    And no-one gets banned (well unless your doing some pretty bad crap). May be Paul Wells’ style, but not mine.

    And Ti-Guy……..”Kody” and “Biff”….one and the same. You nailed it.

    Cheers all.

  47. “I’ve finally got my own blog. Come and enjoy spirited debate.”

    you don’t sound desperate at all b1ff. i’ll be right over.



  48. Aurelia — Yes, I’m coming back. I want to take the month off so that I can say that I did it. Besides, I’ve actually been very busy with work for some reason. I had hoped to gear right down and basically do a whole lot of nothing, but it hasn’t quite worked out that way. Anyway, life is going quite well, albeit under a wholly different set of circumstances. I’ll go into more detail in due course…

    KEv — Eliot Rosewater indeed. There are more common threads there than you might know. 😉

    C-C — That was hilarious. Thanks. And now you’ve got cholera. LOL

  49. Rob — I think perhaps the reason this blog generates discussion — even when the host is largely MIA — is simply because it’s usually a pretty good place to hang out and exchange ideas (or insults, as the case may be).

  50. Libertarian visitors? Where?

    ..yes C.C.. very hilarious.

    I thought I’d pass though on the Somali trip, and instead holiday in that socialist paradise on earth, North Korea..

  51. Red Tory, to really heal from a toxic-compulsive experience (blogging in your case) you need to take a year off – not just a few weeks.

    Cheers, Coffee

  52. I don’t plan on being as obsessive about it as I’ve been in the past — it’s far too time consuming and generally draining in various ways. However, the urge to jot down some observations here or there and share some interesting/funny videos that I run across in my browsing, etc., is mighty difficult to resist.

    I suspect the tone and direction of the blog will also be changing as, to be honest, I’m not finding that much interest in politics these days. Most of it is vacuous blather and cynical, self-serving bullshit with little connection to real life. Perhaps I might just write about the garden I’m thinking about planting next week, my search for a new bike or other such utterly mundane things that maybe of amusement to nobody but me… who knows. Aside from being up to my eyeballs in new work projects, I’m feeling pretty indolent and laid-back these days. Maybe it’s the Citalopram kicking in, the radical change of circumstances, the feeling of not being alone in the world, or a combination of all the foregoing to various degrees. Whatever the case, it’s a refreshing state of being that’s improving my outlook and general disposition. Maybe that will make for crappy blogging… or not. We’ll see.

  53. Rob — North Korea is a Communist dictatorship, not a “socialist paradise” as you put it. There’s an important difference. Conflating the two (however ironic your intent) is intellectually dishonest and you know it.

  54. “However, the urge to jot down some observations here or there and share some interesting/funny videos that I run across in my browsing, etc., is mighty difficult to resist. ”

    That’s getting to the point of the need for healing.

    Uninjured you could just jot down points and have fun (like say having glass of wine is enjoyable for the causual drinker); but injured/wounded you need much more distance (like an adict must abstain from drinking) or you re-open the wound.

    You have been wounded by the blogging experience. Avoid picking at the wound and give yourself much more time to heal. Tell yourself your are worth it and the blogging is not.

    Cheers, Coffee

  55. KEvron – As usual, funny as hell and spot on.

    Red – Not only that, but you don’t hear anyone on the left attempting to make a serious argument about how great N. Korea is doing under their communist dictatorship. The same cannot be said about Libertarians and their cousin Anarchists.

    “…but as far as we can tell the difference between a Libertarian and an Anarchist usually seems to be a bachelor’s degree.”
    — The Public Service Administration

  56. I suppose I’m just sort of amused at being described as a “libertarian”.

    I agree completley that true libertarianism is no different from anarchy. And to describe Somalia as the goal of someone searching for liberty is no less intellectually dishonest than calling North Korea a socialist paradise.. my point exactly.

    I want less government – not “no” government.

    I don’t want to do away with universal health care, social welfare, social housing.. but, I want government to support independance and initiative – less government hand on my shoulder and in my pocket. If that makes me a bad guy, c’est la vie.

  57. but, I want government to support independance and initiative

    Of course you do. You just don’t want to pay for it.

  58. Coffee — Thanks. I’ll take that under advisement. (p.s. I’m a fast healer…)

    Ti-Guy — Zing! Hey, what happened to Maggie?

  59. Yeah, *zing*..

    Uh, when you start signing the front of a pay cheque, let me know. Til then, just say, “thank-you for keeping the economy going” and go on your way. Right now, I’m signing 23 paycheques a month (not GMC or anything) and each of those cheques are sending a chunk to rev. can.. and, at the end of the year, I get to send another massive chunk myself.

    So – you’re welcome.

  60. roblaw

    I suppose I’m just sort of amused at being described as a “libertarian”.

    Who exactly described you as a Libertarian? You seemed willing to pick up the mantle, so I guess we can assume what we will from that action.

    As to N. Korea, there are none on the left I’m aware of that hold up N. Korea as a shining example of socialism. Of course, the same cannot be said of Libertarians and Somalia. Which was my (their) point.

  61. “at the end of the year, I get to send another massive chunk myself.”

    if you didn’t have to, would you give your clients a rate cut?


  62. Hey, what happened to Maggie?

    What do you mean? Did she die? Did she die?!!

    Sorry. She’s there now. Forgot to enter the doo-hicky in the thing-a-mabob.

  63. Right now, I’m signing 23 paycheques a month…

    What, no direct deposit?

    Rob, your criticism (not sure if it’s directed to Ti-Guy or me, or both) isn’t really valid. He stated that while of course you were in favour of “government to support independance [sic] and initiative” he presumed that you simply didn’t want to pay for it. There doesn’t seem to be much in your reaction (i.e., if you’re not begrudgingly remitting payroll taxes as an employer then STFU) that would likely disabuse him of that notion.

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