Tales of Cognitive Dissonance

“I can tell you that this team of candidates I have with me here today is THE best team of B.C. Liberal candidates we’ve ever had the opportunity to run with.” — Premier Gordon Campbell

Alrightee then:

A top cop who’s a chronic speeder. Another candidate who was charged with drunk driving. Yet another one who sent out a hateful e-mail comparing the gay “lifestyle” to “gambling, abortion, adultery and pornography.” Another who cancelled a “free-beer” rally to comply with election laws.

Oh yes, I know… a few bad apples.

Witch Hunts and Economic Scapegoats

Economist Raymond Fisman examines the phenomenon of economic scapegoating, as illustrated through modern-day witch hunts in Tanzania.

And to think that Sarah Palin was blessed by a Christian witch-hunter. Hmmm, rather curious and somewhat disturbing when you think about it, no?

Ah, but never mind that. If you have the time and/or inclination to tune into the whole broadcast of Fisman’s lecture, there are some absolutely fascinating socioeconomic concepts presented that are tempting at first glance to just simply characterize as “Why we should throw grandma from the train?” but would be unfair to trivialize as such given the underlying strata of complexity associated with the highly problematic ideas of “social equilibrium” that he presents here.



Very sad news this morning… Our good online buddy, liberal compatriot and most excellent, long-time friend of the blog, Red Canuck, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

As groundless as they may be, it’s difficult not to entertain some faint hopes that he might yet prevail against the odds and just perhaps, like David Hume’s “loitering rogue” (as he described himself to Adam Smith when cheerfully reflecting on his own demise), forestall boarding Charon’s boat for at least a few more years in order to “have the satisfaction of seeing the downfall of some of the prevailing systems of superstition.”

Let me echo Scott’s sentiment: where there is life, there is hope. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you RC and we all most deeply wish for you not to slip so quickly from this makeshift raft we call Life.

*Sorry. I couldn’t resist RC, but I thought you might appreciate that. 😉