Iggy Busted by the Raging Grannies

Yet another one of Ignatieff’s “re-interpretations” it seems; this time on the exportation of asbestos to third-world countries:

As reported in the Gazette recently:

At a Victoria town-hall meeting on March 28, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff acknowledged the double standard whereby the Canadian government is spending millions of dollars to remove asbestos from the Parliament Buildings, while at the same time promoting the export of asbestos to the developing world. “If asbestos is bad for parliamentarians in the Parliament of Canada, it just has to be bad for everybody else,” said Ignatieff. “Our export of this dangerous product overseas has got to stop.”

By April 1, after strong pressure from the asbestos lobby, Mr. Ignatieff did an about face, saying, “We have an obligation to international agreements to the countries that we export to, to make them aware of the risks. That is all I said.” Many of the 300 people in the audience may disagree with that re-interpretation.

How can anyone believe what Ignatieff says if he’s simply going to cave under pressure and sell-out to corporate lobbyists?

21 Replies to “Iggy Busted by the Raging Grannies”

  1. Already in a lobbyist pocket.

    Tsk tsk.

    Someday, hopefully, we’ll have software capable of running the country.

  2. Jay — Someday, hopefully, we’ll have software capable of running the country.

    Oh, God help us. Yeah, we’ll have a giant, animated paper clip that pops up on our Big Brother visiscreen and cheerfully says “You seem to be writing a suicide note… can I help you with that?”

  3. best to just not muse publicly on subjects you haven’t thought enough about. mind you, i kinda like that side of him; its just the constant retractions that are the problem.

  4. The “asbestos lobby” are in charge of those extra-special Quebec votes!

    Wouldn’t want to lose them.

  5. Maybe this is where Harper sends a message to Quebec. It appears that he has been abandoned by the province he once tried to woo.

    He may want to show that famous vindictiveness and begin the process to end asbestos mining. That is certainly how it would be portrayed.

    With respect to Iggy’s rather large mouth…

    Ignatieff has to quit musing publicly about every issue. It is starting to become a problem for him.

  6. It’s fine to muse, as you put it, but he needs to learn how to qualify those thoughts and leave himself sufficient “wiggle room” to reverse or modify his position after the fact should contradictory information or other factors come to light. It’s unacceptable to claim that he was misunderstood or whatever and then reinterpret what he’d previously said quite unequivocally.

  7. That would be another example, yes.

    He doesn’t have to be “anti-Oil” or anything, but it’s hardly necessary to give them a blow job, either.

  8. Asbestos, yes, probably bad, especially when the fibres start to collect in your lungs. It’s still a good insulating material, and perhaps safer than polyurethane foams.

    However, lots of people still smoke, and parents still trot off to Future Shop to get the latest cellphone technology for their pre-teen kids, better that they can hold energy-radiating devices against their developing brains for several hours per day.

  9. Thus spake Moebius, spokesman for the POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS AND/OR HAZERDOUS GOODS LOBBY.

    Okay, Moebius… do you not think there are other materials that could be used instead?

    Also, why would people in Africa want to insulate their homes?

    And yes, life is full of hazards…. like smoking. Or crossing the street. Or driving.

    So the bottom line of your relentless logic is… life is dangerous — suck it up!

  10. That’s it, exactly! My mom liked to spread Vick’s Vapo-Rub on me when I had a cold, and now it’s apparently worse for your respiratory system than drinking methanol.

    My point is that what’s acceptable today, may not be acceptable in 10 years, and that hazards are relative, and often exaggerated by the media.

    Are Africans more likely to die from a) asbestos, or b) 100 other factors?

    And, BTW, it’s “hazardous”.

  11. Thanks for the correction. I could go back and fix it, but won’t lest I rob you of the satisfaction of schooling me on that mistake.

    But moving on… Yes, that’s a fair enough point you make, but what’s your vested interest and don’t you see a double-standard involved here, or are you arguing that we should be using asbestos in our own buildings, etc. as insulating/construction materials, because… well, hey — life is dangerous, so what difference does it really make?

  12. Your original point, that Iggy is a whore for PQ lobbyists remains valid. I wouldn’t argue that.

    I have no vested interest, other than having to fill out more annoying government forms each year to mediate extremely low risks.

    Had I asbestos insulation in my house, I would ensure it’s properly sealed, leave it alone, and not lose a wink of sleep over it.

  13. Had I asbestos insulation in my house…

    That’s not really the environmental contaminant you should be worrying about.

    You sound young…I’m guessing your sperm is half mine.

  14. Moebius, try living with a loved one who has mesothelioma – after exposure when an apprenticed carpenter aged 19, he became symptomatic at age 66 and died when he was 68. Not a pleasant way to die either – believe me – I know – it was my husband of 43 years!
    So SHUT YOUR MOUTH and start lobbying to BAN the bloody stuff… There are substitutes for asbestos in all applications – it is not necessary to mine/export it – except to appease Quebec???!

  15. Sorry Eilisabeth, I can’t agree with you that Moebius should shut his mouth because he has an opinion contrary to yours. My grandfather also died because of asbestos but he would have preferred to protect Moebius’ right to an opinion.

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