“Debate” O’Reilly Style

Sometimes it’s just too easy to make fun of Bill O. In fact, no effort is required at all; just post the clip and let him do the work himself. Here he is “debating” (i.e., shouting down and talking over) the torture issue with Newsday columnist and Fox News contributor Ellis Henican:

Also, I don’t know why O’Reilly keeps repeating the idea that “enhanced interrogation” techniques foiled the potential attack on Los Angeles when this is patently false. Never let facts get in the way of a good argument, I guess.

12 Replies to ““Debate” O’Reilly Style”

  1. Why does any serious journalist ever agree to participate in a discussion with Bill O’Reilly? I think that in itself is journalistic malpractice.

  2. Seems as though he’s likin’ it a bit too much, doesn’t it? I often get the same vibe from creeps like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, et. al.

  3. Yesterday Neo with his lies about the tazer death at VGH — and today Bill O’Reilly with this crap. Malevolent stupidity IS a communicable disease. It’s a virus that afflicts the Re-Thug-lican movement.

  4. I was trying to refrain from generalizing, but it sure does seem that way sometimes. That isn’t to say that there isn’t misinformation coming from the other side, but stuff like this is obvious and blatant… you’d really have to a blithering idiot to accept it at face value.

  5. I love that his “overwhelming evidence” is a complete lack of any evidence or facts whatsoever.

  6. He cited “polls showing most Americans don’t want a witch hunt” (leading up to a “show trial”) on his TALKING POINTS segment the other day without even bothering to reference what frickin’ poll he was talking about. The man is seriously dishonest.

    And is it just me, or does he always come across sounding like he’s speaking to retarded people? Or perhaps those of greatly advanced age and diminished mental capacity…

  7. “And is it just me, or does he always come across sounding like he’s speaking to retarded people? Or perhaps those of greatly advanced age and diminished mental capacity…”

    its called the ‘target audience’ 😉

    as for polls, greenwald sure cites a few that show a majority in favor of ‘investigations’ (plurality in favor of ‘prosecutions). how anyone can be opposed to investigating malfeasance is beyond me.

  8. Canuckistanian — Yeah, I figured that was his demographic.

    The polls thing really bugged me because it was so contrary to what I’d heard/read. So was that just something pulled out of his you-know-where? Evidently so, one would have to ASSume.

  9. Perhaps some poll *did* show most Americans don’t want a witch hunt, but perhaps that same poll also says most Americans *are* in favour of an investigation.

    Since we don;t have access to the poll, we have no way of knowing how the question/s was/were phrased or what spin was present in the poll or the reporting of it.

    Bottom line though is that thugs like O’Reilly *like* the tough guy image, and not only defend, but promote the U.S.’s use of torture. Both him and Hannity in particular seem to feel that drowning someone over and over again somehow shows how tough the U.S. is and by extension, the Bush administration.

    His opinions are undermined by the very politicizing of them that he does routinely. Everything for Billo and co. is framed in that “Left/Right” dynamic so any question, ultimately, doesn’t depend on ethics or morality, it depends on which side is furthered and helped by the decisions made. This is why they never frame the discussion in terms of “Is torture wrong?” but always as “Did what we do [which wasn’t torture according to some, thus making it a matter of opinion] work, and if it did, then it’s justified.” Thus, if you conflate [in their view] torture with enhanced interrogation, which “saved countless lives”, then you’re obviously a Lefty, and thus not of the mainstream of the American populace and thus your opinion doesn’t count….

    Its a wonderfully insulating form of circular argument that protects those with the mind-set that needs it, but it certainly doesn’t lead to any worthwhile debate or discussion on the topic.

  10. Quite true. There’s always a temptation to argue that the ends justify the means, but in this case it appears even that dubious, morally hazardous rationale doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. The CIA Inspector General’s report stated that there was no conclusive proof that “enhanced interrogation” techniques had prevented any further attacks after 9/11.

    As for O’Reilly, it’s bad enough that he politicizes everything (a point nicely picked up on by Henican), but his insistence on introducing his personal boogiemen like George Soros and Moveon.org simply makes him look like a paranoid buffoon.

  11. Pierre Berton said the greatest difference between Americans and Canadians was the Americans’ obsessive need to believe. It allows our southern cousins to perpetuate, generation by generation, absolute myths, particularly about themselves. Once you abandon all guise of critical thinking it becomes easy to cleave to the O’Reillys, Hannitys and Becks. Fortunately the latest polls suggest a great many Americans have recovered their senses after being spun relentlessly during the Bush Age of Darkness.

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