Provincial Branding

Is there anything the Canadian Taxpayers Federation quite possibly WON’T find to complain about?

In recent videos (as in just today!), the CTF has bitched about: the Alberta budget deficits (several times); possible ticketing of people speeding through red lights (a two part effort); pension premiums for the health workers; federal debt; lthe repeal of Alberta’s natural gas rebate; promotion of the Calgary Stampede and other tourism events; and on and on and on…

Maybe these are all legitimate gripes, but this kind of massive info-dump on YouTube is pretty annoying, especially when most of the “news” stories are actually months old.

10 Replies to “Provincial Branding”

  1. “Is there anything the Canadian Taxpayers Federation quite possibly WON’T find to complain about?”

    That’s a rhetorical question right? I always thought the CTF was created for the express purpose of complaining. 🙂

  2. Who pays them anyway?

    The invisible hand of creative accounting. I did a bit of googling and the CTF seems to be a little opaque on this point. Just like the National Citizens Coalition.

    We really need to enforce transparency with regard to think tanks. All of them, not just the righty ones.

  3. Actually there are many issues this odious outfit is silent on. While wailing and gnashing about the $2 billion over 14 years cost of the gun registry ( or a whopping $5.00 per capita per year), they have nothing to say about the $75 billion spent on farm subsidies during the same time frame.
    Because of the farmer/taxpayer ratio in SK, the yearly per capita outlay for ag subsidies is over $500.00. And what does one hear from the CTF? Deafening silence. But, of course, rural Canada votes Conservative blue.
    And for years there has been that revolving door from/to the Reform/Alliance/CRAP/Conservatives to/from the NCC/CTF/Fraser Inst./etc.

    And then there’s the uncritical deference to which they are held by the media. What’s that about?

  4. rod I’ve wondered about that for years… I’m honestly not sure if I’ve ever really seen anything from them beyond their spokespeople and ads etc… it feels an awful like astroturf mixed with some nice smoke and mirrors…

  5. Did I just read Rod draw similarities between the long gun registry and farmer subsidies?

    RT, this is what you’ve created! You have actually made “sheeple”.

    Dr. Frankenstein tried, but you actually succeeded!!

    It’s Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. In regards to provincial branding. I know, as a marketing person, your eyes must light up just at the thought of all those zero’s and all those gullible MLAs’ waiting patiently for whatever goofy brand you hypnotize them into buying.

    Did I really see this:

    Manitoba ~ “spirited energy”
    Saskatchewan ~ “strong and stead”
    Nova Scotia ~ “come to life”

    Nova Scotia… so that is where the good Dr. Frankenstein is now practicing his unique form of medicine.

    Good God, our politician’s came from the cheerleading squads of yesteryear.

  7. I’m still a few years from that, young fella.

    If the Taxpayer’s Federation is doing a lot of complaining, maybe it’s because:

    a. there is a lot to complain about
    b. that is the only time the media bothers to air their interviews
    c. all of the above

    I’m learned in the ways of the multiple guess questions. You should bone up so you don’t freeze up during your next junior college exam.

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