“Selling to the Greater Fool”

What a wonderful euphemism. Economist Dr. Michael Hudson provides a grim assessment of the Obama administration’s plan to purchase toxic assets.

By the way, the Wall Street Journal has reported that according to an analysis of Treasury Department data, the biggest recipients of taxpayer aid actually made or refinanced 23% less in new loans in February (the last available numbers) than back in October when Treasury kicked off the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Hard to argue with the assertion that the latest bailout may be little more than another case of fraud, but only time will tell, I guess.

Gordon Campbell: Sudden Hockey Fan!

Hey, he’s not just pretending to be Bob the Builder, he’s also a diehard member of the Canuck Nation.

Groan me a river.

I’m not quite sure why it’s felt necessary to constantly provide us with the Premier’s reactions to the performance of the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL playoffs. Oh, right… It’s all an analogy to his own winning political team. After all, nobody was paying much attention to his hapless bunch of overpaid stickhandlers throughout what might be called the regular season, but now the “playoffs” (read: election) are here, it’s suddenly the focus of rapt attention and rabid, irrational partisan fervour.

False Creek Follies

Was it really necessary to make NDP candidate Ray Lam’s private Facebook pictures public in order to discredit him?


Well maybe. While the photo is relatively inoffensive, it is kind of creepy. I mean, what sort of person posts this kind of stuff online in the first place?

Tax Day Tea Parties

Via C-SPAN, various “teabaggers” — presented mostly without comment.

There are plenty of things that one could cherry-pick from this video to mock or ridicule, but it is revealing of the wide range of grievances — some quite legitimate, others… ehhh, not so much. The fellow laying down in the road to protest no taxes is quite comical.

Dealing With Cow Farts

House Minority leader John Boehner (which, by the way, isn’t to be pronounced “boner”) makes a complete jackass of himself ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos while attempting to answer a question about what alternative the Republican Party would propose instead of the Obama administration’s cap-and-trade scheme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

And speaking of mudfortunate idiots

J.G. Ballard 1930-2009

Sad to hear that Ballard passed away yesterday at the age of 78 after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer.

Here he is from a BBC film that aired in 1991 documenting his first return trip to Shanghai since leaving it after WWII.

NME pays tribute to him as the inspiration for many popular musicians. Not hard to see why…