Astounding News of the Obvious

American’s boycott of Cuba hasn’t worked!

Shocking information, I know. When will America’s new(ish) president stop stating the completely obvious? Thank goodness NBC’s chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd was on the scene (as evidenced by his casual attire and the luxury cruise liner parked in the background), apparently suffering from travel fatigue and an overwhelming sense of impending ennui at the deathly boring notion of Latin American leaders giving the U.S. president some “history lesson of sorts” before the onset of stultifyingly dull “plenary sessions” that will surely be ignored by all human life on planet Earth…

Hmmm. Maybe this is the kind of eye-glazing information the Latin American leaders wanted to convey in the “symbolic gesture” of Chavez’s literary gift:

4 Replies to “Astounding News of the Obvious”

  1. “When will America’s new(ish) president stop stating the completely obvious?”

    I’d rather that, than denying the completely obvious. I’d rather boredom than outrage (real, not faux).

  2. Oops. My face is red.

    I’d thought you meant Obama wasn’t doing enough, fast enough, etc.

    I’d like to see more but I’m holding back my expectations for 2 reasons: 1) he’s starting out with handicaps from the previous president, and 2) approx. 46% of voters were against him and the right won’t give up their attacks.

    So I’m patiently silent for now, and I’ll hold my evaluations until after the summer maybe.

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