BC Election

Hey, we’re having an election here in British Columbia! Woo-hoo! Consequently, there will be many videos like this of “Liberal” Premier Gordon Campbell dressing up like Bob the Builder, extolling what an absolutely super, terrific place our province is.

In this instance, I cannot tell you how completely and UTTERLY thrilled I am about “the Port Mann Bridge opening ONE YEAR EARLY” as this means “an end to the worst gridlock in the region ONE YEAR EARLY, meaning transit across the bridge ONE YEAR EARLY.” Wow.

Women in Afghanistan

I used to write now and again about the war in Afghanistan, but stopped doing so quite some time ago because it seemed like something nobody could really give a shit about. Despite all the loftiest and well-meaning intentions in the world, the war in that country is, I believe, fundamentally flawed in nature and inevitably doomed to failure. After all, history teaches us that this harsh, indomitable land is reputed to be the “graveyard of empires” — a remote, forbiddingly hostile place where many swaggering imperial powers have ultimately encountered quite tragic outcomes in the past and have been sadly humiliated. Why this fateful and completely obvious lesson persistently goes unlearned and unheeded remains something of a mystery.

In any event, and for whatever reasons, Canada is committed to the place. And at great cost in “blood and treasure” as our American friends like to say — at least, that is, until 2011 when we can thankfully wash our hands of the whole sorry affair, having acquitted ourselves with much honour while presumably garnering some international plaudits and NATO credits for our troubles in the process. But in the meantime, rather disturbing stories have surfaced about the treatment of Afghan women at the hands of the Karzai government we’ve been backing for the past several years now.

Perhaps, as they’ve done with me, these new developments raise some rather unsettling questions about why we’re fighting in that distant country doing what whatever it is we’re supposed to be doing there.

The Limbic Brain

I’m not much of a fan of Janeane Garofalo, but I do quite like her generally blunt and intentionally abrasive delivery. Here she is snarking with Keith Olbermann about the tea bag radicals being racists.

While not necessarily endorsing her views and somewhat quirky interpretation of things, it doesn’t seem altogether out of line to observe that the turnout at the Tea Parties was predominantly white — which, demographically speaking wouldn’t be all that entirely surprising, statistically speaking — but might perhaps be to the extent it was almost entirely and exclusively so.

“The Clam Demo”

Heh. A Freudian slip perhaps, but a good one.

Liberals in Wonderland

It’s kind of a dead news day it seems (unless you’re bothered for some completely inexplicable reason with the whole painfully tiresome Mulroney-Schreiber affair), so I wondered what’s occupying the minds of small dead rodents… Turns out it’s John McCallum’s incredibly clumsy handling of what should have been a pretty routine softball question the other day about what kind of car he drives.

Now seriously, how perplexing is this? The very definition of a no-brainer, one might think. And yet, despite being asked twice (the second time to clarify his initially vague response of it being “a General Motors car” by putting a finer point on it as being “a Chevrolet”) and then voluntarily following up with a phone call and an e-mail to the Toronto Star — for no point other than to confirm that it wasn’t of North American origin, apparently — the former finance minister Minister of National Revenue and bank executive was either unwilling or unable for some mysterious reason to identify the name of the car he owns.

A Conservative friend of mine used to adamantly contend that McCallum was dumb as a bag of rocks; a point that I’d taken issue with, pointing to his past experience, credentials, and so on. Well now… ehhhh — maybe not so much. So, are we just not getting the story straight here, or are some people in high places really “dumb as a bag of rocks”? I mean, how can you be that completely clueless about the type of car you drive?