Earth to Norm: “It’s Over!”

“But seriously… enough. Norm, ya lost. Seriously, quit.” And this coming from that remarkably silly place formerly known as Scarborough Country. When even a pathetic wanker like Joe tells you to give up the ghost, it really is over and done with. Or should be.

If Coleman appeals this to a higher level of judicial authority, it will be still more definitive proof that the Republicans have seriously lost touch with reality and are more concerned about waging their own desperate rearguard partisan battles for survival at all costs without any consideration for the interests of the voters they claim to represent.

Update: Al Franken responds to the decision…

19 Replies to “Earth to Norm: “It’s Over!””

  1. You said it. It is not about Coleman, it is about keeping the Dems under 60 seats in the Senate.

  2. Not that Joe’s opinion means much of anything, bu Coleman and the RNC are far from letting this one go. Coleman’s already vowed to appeal to the MNSC and Pawlenty (MN Governor) has been repeating the “count every vote” meme ad infinitum.

    I’ve speculated that T-Paw will hold up the issuance of the certificate of election until after the MNSC hears the case. T-Paw’s a complete GOPer and overall dooche, but he knows that if he doesn’t issue the certificate he can kiss his re-election goodbye.

  3. Ti-Guy — Well, you know where I stand on that issue.

    I’m all for reform of the Upper House, but it needs to be approached in a coherent way. Elections aren’t needed (although not entirely out of the question), but there should be a far more demanding review process prior to appointment. Term limits are likewise unnecessary, but there should be some determination process every so often (8-12 years) to assess whether an appointment should be continued or terminated. The composition of the Senate by region also needs to be assessed.

    Essentially, what’s needed is a new mandate for that body of government. I think it serves a very useful purpose, but as the machinations around the last budget demonstrated, it can be easily manipulated or dispensed with altogether… So its authority and legitimacy have been called into question (this isn’t a Conservative v. Liberal thing either btw because both are complicit in undermining and circumventing it in this instance).

  4. C-C: Sometimes amazing things happen, so let’s wait and see. The predictable course of action would be for Pawlenty to stand on the sidelines and throw up his hands, and for Coleman and his backers to keep kicking the can down the road until “every last vote is counted” but maybe, just maybe, common sense will prevail and they’ll realize this is a no-win situation for them on every count, at every level.

    I mean, what do your Republican friends (presuming you have some) think of this fiasco? Surely, by this point in time they must be getting kind of fed up with all of the legal wrangling and such. Or, are they actually pleased that Norm (even though he’s moved on to a new paying gig as a lobbyist) is happy to draw this out until they all get Raptured or something….

  5. I’m all for reform of the Upper House, but it needs to be approached in a coherent way.

    I don’t see anything making a difference, quite frankly. The biggest scams pulled on the electorate are under the guise of democratic accountability.

  6. RT: As to Republican friends, I don’t really have any — at least not any that I discuss politics with. I think the dynamic with Norm’s antics is playing more on the independents here more that the Repubs (Minnesota just loves them independent candidates). I think the independents and some of the more moderate Repubs are sick of the antics now that Norm’s lost his contest case and wish he would concede. I think that number will grow if Norm loses his MNSC appeal and threatens USSC appeal.

    As to Pawlenty, he’s being his typical concern troll self and pretending to be all impartial while at the same time going on TV and spreading RNC talking points.

    The problem here is the wording of Minnesota statute wherein it refers to “a court of proper jurisdiction”. So it woudn’t be inconceivable that T-Paw could try to cling to that, but I do think he’s a pragmatist when it comes to his career (he’s got 2012 to think about dontcha know) and after the MNSC affirms the lower court he’ll issue the certificate. I really think that if he doesn’t his re-election chances are slim to none.

  7. Greg: It’s not so much about keeping out a 60th vote (even with Franken the Dems would be at 59) more than keeping the Dem majority from increasing. Thereby forcing the Dems to try to grab that extra Repub vote.

  8. Ti-Guy — Could you be a little more bleak please? Because I’m just not quite monumentally depressed enough at the moment.

  9. C-C: Yes, I should have taken the Indies into account… the vaunted “swing voters” who unhappily oscillate between the lesser of two evils, etc.

    I like your characterization of Pawlenty as a “concern troll”… LOL That sums him up quite perfectly.

  10. Because I’m just not quite monumentally depressed enough at the moment.

    Sorry. There’s just hasn’t been an event lately to bring out the sardonic wit. Although Elizabeth May’s revelations in her book have potential, since they reveal, yet again, a news media asleep at the switch (or hopelessly compromised), I doubt they’ll get the traction they deserve.

  11. It’s been pretty slim pickins’ of late, that’s for sure. We need a good scandal or something/anything to shake things up… The Cons and Libs at the moment are about as exciting as the French and the Germans circa 1916.

  12. The results are going to be certified…it’s just a matter of time. And there’s no doubt that Coleman will appeal to the MNSC. The only question is whether or not he’s going to take this thing all the way to the USSC, as he is likely to run out of appeals options within Minnesota. My gut says no…but then, they don’t call him a douchebag for nothing.

  13. Not that anyone really needs to prove it at this point, but I think any lingering doubts as to the real strategy here should be put to rest by Coleman’s lawyer’s statement today that they will indeed be appealing this ruling to the Minnesota Supreme Court . . . sometime next week.

    They have 10 days so of course they desire to draw out the process as far as humanly possible.

    What do you think they’ll seek an extended amount of time to prepare their appeal as well.

    It’s over – they lost. It’s been over for months. But as long as Franken isn’t seated, it’ll still count as a partial win for the Republicans.

    My favorite piece of the apparently quite detailed ruling is that Coleman seeking to trying to expand (and cherry pick) the pool of rejected ballots would be like claiming because a convicted felon was able to vote in one jurisdiction, that all convicted felon votes should be counted. A somewhat interesting choice of analogy, considering the only proven invalid vote in the race was a convicted – but not yet sentenced – felon who voted for Norm Coleman.

  14. I agree that Franken has won the election. Norm Coleman is only embarrassing himself by chasing his tail.

    But I must say this: Once upon a time, Franken was funny. Now he’s not. And that is significant.

    If I spent most of my life poking fun at life, as Franken had done heretofore, I’d keep on doing it, instead of signing on to “serious matters,” thus turning off large numbers of people who expect fun-poking (which is what life deserves). We desperately NEED elected officials who not only call a spade a spade, but do so creatively. Franken seems to have lost that touch, that entertained us so well heretofore. Franken is now “serious.” Franken has turned into a tiresome bore.

    Plus ca change, plus la meme chose, etc.

    Thinks me.

    Whatever happened to “Big Fat Liars Who Lyingly Lie to Everyone Who Expect Lies And Get Lyingly Liarly Lies?”


  15. Eowyn, spare us the tired “Franken used to be funny” line. And Franken can only be relevant if he’s “poking fun” at people? That the comedy that he used to produce 30 years is “significant? Spare me.

    Have you ever taken 2 seconds to find out Frankens thoughts about any given political issue? Or even listened to his radio program or read any of his books? Didn’t think so. Why don’t you go give your head a shake and come back when you actually have something to say.

  16. I think it became impossible to laugh that hard during the Bush years. Invasion, war profiteering, torture, rendition, domestic surveillance and widespread moral corruption aren’t exactly rich veins for satire.

    Which makes me think…maybe we should give up ridiculing these people (it only makes them worse) and just proceed to internment?

    Sure, why not?

  17. They’re not secret plans. I really want these people to think they’re going to be interned because if they don’t smarten up….they will be. For their sake more than ours.

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