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Newsweak Video

America’s Next Top Superfirstlady

I’m not sure why, but Newsweek continues to debase itself online with atrocious videos such as this:

How said. Once it was a hard-hitting journal of serious, dirt-digging reportage, but now it’s been reduced to little more than a giddy, flippant rag tossing off parodies of TV shows and pathetic efforts like this that wallow in sardonic mockery of the vacuous, relentlessly materialistic “entertainment news” it pretentiously seeks to ridicule.

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Amidst his rather more idle thoughts about President Obama and the ceremonial rolling of Easter Eggs* ProfMTH points out a frustrating conundrum in the twisted logic of bigots as applied to homosexuals. I won’t blather on further as the video explains the problematic mental confusion quite clearly.

*Not sure if you caught this on the news last night, but it was refreshing to see the interaction of Obama with kids at the White House “Let’s Go Play” Easter festivities. Interesting to contrast the current POTUS reading from Maurice Sendak’s classic picture book “Where The Wild Things Are” with the former occupant’s recitation of “The Pet Goat” story just prior to, during, and for several painful minutes after the attacks of 9/11 — traumatic events that would help shape the remainder of his term in office.

Earth to Norm: “It’s Over!”

“But seriously… enough. Norm, ya lost. Seriously, quit.” And this coming from that remarkably silly place formerly known as Scarborough Country. When even a pathetic wanker like Joe tells you to give up the ghost, it really is over and done with. Or should be.

If Coleman appeals this to a higher level of judicial authority, it will be still more definitive proof that the Republicans have seriously lost touch with reality and are more concerned about waging their own desperate rearguard partisan battles for survival at all costs without any consideration for the interests of the voters they claim to represent.

Update: Al Franken responds to the decision…

Prison Economy Spirals

Price Of Pack Of Cigarettes Surpasses Two Hand Jobs

And a stick of beef jerky… Prison analysts warn rising inflation could devalue everything from rim jobs to shivs.

Dear Liberal Party

Re: 2009 Leadership and Biennial Convention

Thank you for not acknowledging my application of March 20th requesting accreditation at the upcoming Liberal Party coronation convention in Vancouver at the end of this month.

It’s gratifying to know that my efforts are not only deserving of your official refusal of accreditation (which is entirely fair enough), but are beneath even polite notification of such.

Keep up the classy work!

Yours &tc