Fears of a Clown: Live!

So Glenn Beck is taking his “comedy” act on the road… Well, I’m completely speechless. There’s really not much you can add to that.

According to no less a reputable source than Newsmax, Beck calls himself a “poor man’s Seinfeld” and says he’ll mix stand-up comedy with observations from “a modern-day reimagining of Thomas Paine’s 1776 pamphlet Common Sense.” You know, the part where he set loyalist sympathizers on fire…

Paine in the Arse Update: It may be that many “liberals” haven’t gotten the connection with Thomas Paine that Beck is trying to leverage here and how egregious it is. So, if you’ve missed this latest re-styling of the great man’s inflammatory rhetoric from which much of this hysterical nonsense stems, here it is, melodramatically reenacted by Bob Basso, a hyperactive motivational speaker and author, self-described as “America’s #1 Fun Motivator/Trainer” who spends most of his time these days leading corporate pep rallies on luxury cruise ships — seriously, I am not making that up.

Personally, this pisses me off because I happen to be a great fan of Tom Paine. The REAL one, not the cynical fakirs, witless clowns and charlatans simply invoking his name and twisting his words in order to galvanize their phony outrage and self-serving motives with undeserved credence. It’s disgusting.


3 Replies to “Fears of a Clown: Live!”

  1. Hmm. I guess none of the faux-Paines would dare speak with a Norfolk accent. Pity.

    The sick irony of a radical democrat being aped by a buffoon who makes a living entertaining the wealthy on luxury cruise liners will likely keep me giggling maniacally for the rest of the week. Thanks for that.

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