Britain’s Got Talent!


Totally off topic here, but check this out — click on the picture to link to the YouTube video (they don’t allow embedding, unfortunately). This is “nearly 48-year old” Susan Boyle, a currently unemployed lady from Glasgow who lives alone with her cat “Pebbles” and is not only single, but rather sadly, claims never to have been kissed in her entire life, with her performance in the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent, singing “I dreamed a dream” from Les Miserables.

Oh, go on… Don’t be cynical. Go watch it… Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.



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26 responses to “Britain’s Got Talent!

  1. Wayward son


  2. When this was shown to me, I was sure it was going to be an horrific train wreck… or something “extraordinary” as Simon put it. Never quite saw that coming.

  3. Wayward son

    I was expecting the UK’s version of William Hung, but was instead knocked off my chair. With the financial turmoil in the UK (and everywhere else), I think that she may just be one of those stories that makes everyone smile again.

  4. It made me smile. Reminded me of Paul Potts (a rather unfortunate name to ears of any Cambodians, I would imagine), an otherwise hapless mobile phone salesman from Bristol who won back in 2007 with his amazing operatic stylings.

  5. Gayle

    I admit it – I had a tear in my eye watching that.

    I also pointed out to my husband that there is still hope for me. Voice lessons here I come! 🙂

  6. So did I, but ssshhhhh… (So did Piers, it seems.)

  7. So heartwarming to see the audience’s almost immediate reaction. I agree with another commenter. Susan Boyle reminds me of Paul Potts.

  8. Daria

    WOW! I certainly had tears in my eyes!
    Beautiful to see such an authentic, modest
    woman with this STUNNING, indeed Divine
    voice, move everyone to tears!

    Heart soaring.

    Ahh.. what a gift! I hope now she gets kissed
    and then some 🙂

  9. knb

    Yep, tears. I’m not sure whether they flow because of the incredible voice or because of the earnest, hopeful sense of the woman.

    Never judge a book… and all that.

  10. I was in tears as well. What a compelling narrative we have just had the privilege to see. Thanks, Red–I put up a post of my own thanks to your heads-up.

  11. To witness, rather. This was about hearing–and seeing.

  12. That was stunning. Thanks Red. Indeed, a lesson learned about books and covers.


  13. You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

    Check out Dawg’s place, he expounds on the subject at some length and far more eloquently than the brief treatment given here.

  14. I reposted this link to my Facebook, and within an hour had my inbox overflowing with “OMG that was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” and other such comments.

    Thanks for sharing this. Wonderful stuff.

  15. benalbanach

    I’ve kissed less talented women.
    That was braw !

  16. Wow. You don’t see enough of this. Thanks so much. I borrowed it too.

  17. When I watched it last night the hit count on that YouTube video was 1 million plus… right now it’s at slightly over 3 million. Amazing.

  18. Every once in a while, we regain our humanity and select substance over style (I had tears in my eye as well) …

  19. That’s lovely, and not just her voice, but the lyrics, so wonderful. I heard about this on Twitter, but never imagined it was like THAT. Wow.

  20. Funnily enough, as uplifting as that performance was/is, it’s rather a depressing song:

    But the tigers come at night
    With their voices soft as thunder
    As they tear your hope apart
    As they turn your dream to shame.


    I had a dream my life would be
    So different form this hell I’m living
    so different now from what it seemed
    Now life has killed
    The dream I dreamed.


    Even more incredible perhaps that she could turn that into an anthem of hopefulness.

  21. benalbanach

    Remember when Bobby Darin belted out the words to “Mack the Knife”….Wonderful….but don’t listen too carefully to the words.

  22. I’ not sure that I saw it as hopeful as much as poignant.

  23. Benalbanach — True enough. The words are often nonsensical or even irrelevant. You certainly wouldn’t want to go poking through the librettos to most operas… Trust me, they’re just the most appalling rubbish and awful dreck imaginable.

  24. Yeah the words are an interesting mix…perfect for a post I wanted to write as a tribute to some grieving parents and lost children. Hmmm….

    (Yeah, I know, I AM a barrel of laughs…never mind.)

  25. counter-coulter

    Thanks for posting this RT. I never would have known about this because I don’t watch reality shows and definitely have not watched British reality TV.

    What an incredibly beautiful voice to sing an incredibly beautiful song. I too learned a lesson in humility tonight.

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