Better Luck Next Time, Wingnuts

Gee, it must be such a shame for the shrieking loons of the right that things didn’t end badly for the captain of the Maersk Alabama. Because you just know that deep in the ventricles of their shriveled, corroded little hearts that they were secretly hoping for a catastrophic finale so they could erupt in a collective howl of bellicose outrage and furious condemnation.

Even as it is, Pam and the Gellerettes still manage to seize on two aspects of the story and then completely misconstrue them in their usual pathologically fact-challenged way in order to denigrate Obama with their hateful bile. What a pathetic bunch of losers.

Tea Time with Alan Keyes

From yesterday’s Pennsylvania Tea Party in Pittsburgh. Apparently, there’s three other parts to this; but hey, life is brief…

Shorter Alan Keyes: Throw the bums out! Hallelujah!

Gotta give it up to the guy, though. Despite (or perhaps because of) being a seriously deranged crank, he gives one hell of a tub-thumping rant. And without the aid of a teleprompter, I might add. 😉

Pessimism Porn?

ABC’s Dan Harris is fixated on “a little something called pessimism porn.” According to Harris it’s “a term coined by the good folks over at New York Magazine and it refers to the fact that there are a lot of people who’ve become addicted to reading apocalyptic news about the economy online.”

On the other side of the equation, we’ve got folks like Enterra Solutions’ Thomas Barnett who isn’t buying into all the apocalyptic economic reports:

I made a decision a long time ago not to make my career a bet on bad things happening. I think that approach simply corrodes your strategic thought capacity. Human history is progress, so if you’re constantly having to screen out the good to spot the bad, your vision will be unduly narrow. If you bet on progress, you can easily contextualize the bad, because progress is never linear. But if you bet on retreat, you must consistently discount advances as “illusions” and “buying time” and so on, and after a while, you’re just this broken clock who’s dead-on twice a day.

Barnell maintains that “pessimism porn” dulls the “strategic brain” and that, like actual porn, it “narrows the intake capacity. After a while, you’re simply blind from all that self-pleasuring.” (I’m presuming he means “blind” in the figurative sense there…)

The Story of Easter

From the Ministry of Cynical Supposition:

Update: For some atheistic fun, check out the recording of Christian radio talker Todd Friel (“one of those glassy-eyed glad-handing used-car-salesmen of the soul types” as PZ Myers describes him) and Christopher Hitchens wickedly subverting the host’s silly rhetorical game of “What if…?”