Pyscho Talk

That’s what Ed Schultz calls the segment on his new MSNBC show devoted to the latest crazed babble coming from the right-wing talkers and pundits that en masse appear to have become completely unhinged since the election of Barack Obama. The biggest problem for big Ed will probably be in deciding what nugget of demented idiocy to select each day as there’s truly an embarrassment of riches lately.

But wait, in addition to the Marxist revolutionaries and foreign nationals infiltrating America’s colleges, unions, and businesses — all cunningly positioning themselves to topple the government… it gets worse! As can be seen from this candid video of a “Project 912” (Glenn Beck) Tea Party:

Burn the books! Unplug your brainwash device!

h/t: Little Green Footballs

Update: Where on earth are these people getting such nutty ideas from?

Parochial Deathmatch

Lawrence O’Donnell and Pat Buchanan debate the faux outrage over Notre Dame inviting President Obama as its commencement speaker in May and to receive an honorary degree (something the University of Arizona declined to grant him, but that’s a whole other faux outrage).

Close Range

This one really had me going… Especially after having played the “demo” game.

Update: Speaking of violent videogames, the boys at CH Humor look at how two decades have impacted the portrayal of ninjas…