Larry Meets The Unimpressed

At a luncheon meeting of the Economic Club of Washington, D.C. today featuring Lawrence Summers as guest speaker, President Obama’s director of the National Economic Council is joined on stage by two irate protesters with an apparently opposing point of view.

Carrying a pink bedspread scrawled with the words, “We want our $$$$ back!” the hecklers accused Summers of being “part of the problem” and denounced the exorbitant speaking fees he formerly received before joining the Obama administration. “He’s a toxic mess!” they shouted before being hustled off stage.

3 Replies to “Larry Meets The Unimpressed”

  1. There is a lot of pent up anger about giving the bailout money to these companies, no matter what political label one wears.

    Summers is the least of the problem. Tim Gietner was the president of the New York Fed who cooked up the Bush bailout after his policies failed. Now he is on the other side of the table pretending to have all the solutions.

    The Foxes are guarding the Hens.

    I think Obama is better than Bush on a lot of things, but he is exactly the same on the whole bailout and stimulus issue.


  2. It’s a strange situation indeed. I’m skeptical but not entirely without hope.

    Think of it this way… Like Colin Powell’s now famous dictum (the “Pottery Barn Rule”): You Broke It, You Own It.

    That’s kind of the way I see the involvement of people like Summers and Geithner providing solutions to what they helped wreck.

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