Bad Actors Against Gay Marriage


Funny thing. The Smoking Cocktail had the first part of the audition tape posted, but it’s been removed due to “a copyright claim by National Organization for Marriage.” What a bunch of gutless dooches.

Update: The original ad wasn’t scary enough, so Sadly No! fixed it. (h/t: CC).

Update2: “It most certainly is not my intention to blame the epidemic of mass murders on the gay rights movement!” said Morality in Media President Bob Peters, while suggesting there was a connection between the two things.

Larry Meets The Unimpressed

At a luncheon meeting of the Economic Club of Washington, D.C. today featuring Lawrence Summers as guest speaker, President Obama’s director of the National Economic Council is joined on stage by two irate protesters with an apparently opposing point of view.

Carrying a pink bedspread scrawled with the words, “We want our $$$$ back!” the hecklers accused Summers of being “part of the problem” and denounced the exorbitant speaking fees he formerly received before joining the Obama administration. “He’s a toxic mess!” they shouted before being hustled off stage.

Tory Times Are…

“A major cyclical downturn, but nothing that requires major government intervention”

Well, that’s what “Grit Girl” would have people think, with this new and expanded version of a previous attack video, that comes on the heels of today’s figures reporting that unemployment hit a 7-year high, with the loss of another 61,300 bringing the number cut since October 2008 (back when there was no recession, remember) to 357,000 jobs cut, or 2.1 per cent of the work force.

But oh-oh! Here’s what Harper said in context on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS program at the beginning of March:

I’m not generally a Keynesian, but when you have the kind of drops in economic activity we’re having and interest rates near zero and financial sectors, the banking sector not translating investments into saving or savings into investments, you have no choice but to have the government move in, observe those funds and put them to work. Now, one can criticize is it fast enough? Is it effective? Are the long-run benefits sufficient?

But I think the fiscal stimulus does have to be done and obviously, there’s going to have to be major non-market fixes to the financial sector and to the housing sector. We’re just fortunate in Canada we don’t have to do those kinds of policies because they’re fraught with enormous long-run danger in terms of creating moral hazard, risks to future economic decisions. But we haven’t had to do that. As you said, we don’t have the bank failure in Canada and we don’t have on the housing side, we have also regulation on government housing insurance that’s prevented sub-prime type of situation. We have a cyclical downturn but nothing that requires major government intervention.

So, is it fair to take a remark the PM made about the housing and financial sector and attach it to the mounting tide of unemployment? Especially so when the government is, in fact, taking the plunge into unprecedented deficit spending that could fairly be argued represents a “major government intervention.”

Maybe this sort of thing is pleasing to Liberals and I suppose fair is fair given how the Conservatives lie through their teeth with their malicious attack ads, but I’ve never much subscribed to the notion that two wrongs make a right.

Rush Rebuked by Vet

On his radio show yesterday, a caller named “Charles” who described himself as a Republican and a McCain voter who “served in the Marine Corps and the Army,” took to El Rushbo to the woodshed over his support for the use of torture. The caller stated that: “Anyone who could believe in torture just has got to be — there’s got to be something wrong with them.”

“Charles” then proceeded to accuse Rush and other right-wing talkers of all being “brainwashed”…

Full transcript of the call is here.

Insult to Injury

If this story in the Telegraph is to be believed, US marines guarding Saddam Hussein during his captivity claim to have forced the deposed dictator to watch South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut “over and over again” — “which is a pretty funny thought,” according to movie’s co-creator, Matt Stone