Taking on the Credit Card Companies

From ANP: Hidden penalties, sudden interest rate hikes, and deceptive language are just a few of the questionable tactics used by credit card companies to extract money from increasingly stressed consumers. Now, some on Capitol Hill are trying to regulate the more abusive practices.

With bills actually moving through both houses of Congress, the credit card lobby is finding itself on the defensive, and turning out in force to oppose the legislation.

It would be interesting to know what — if anything — the Harper government is doing to curb the usurious, predatory lending practices of credit card companies here in Canada…


The freak-out of hysterical right-wing extremists continues apace…

Guest host David Shuster asks the question: “Is the angry rhetoric emanating from the right winger talkers infecting the hard right of the GOP? And are they being turned into militias?”

The latter part of that inquiry itself seems a tad paranoid, but there seems to be no shortage of that feeling going around these days.


You may have seen this already when it came out on April Fool’s Day. If not, enjoy. It’s kind of funny dig at Twitter.

Incredibly, a number of the 1,200 or so commenters on YouTube seem to have thought this was real. How on earth do people that dumb survive? It’s baffling.

Atlas Shrieks

Do the wingnuts actually lose sleep over goofy stuff like this?

A non-hysterical, reality-based account of the story can be found here.

By the way, will Geller freak out the next time “CHRISTIAN STEALS PLANE FILLED WITH ILLEGALS EN ROUTE TO NEW YORK”?

Just wondering…