Stealth $3.6 TRILLION Budget Passes

For all the theatrical outrage over the last several weeks about President Obama’s massively expensive budget, one might have thought its passage would have been more vehemently contested than turned out to be the case. But no. In “one of the least tough budget days” according to the the Republican minority leader, it glided with ease through both houses of Congress…

Thankfully for the Democrats, the howling loons of Wingnuttia were quite easily distracted by other matters of great importance.

“What if Evolution is Real?”

The demented kookiness of Glenn Beck continues to amaze me…

Here’s a transcript of the entertainment:

“People know what transnationalism is, and again, it’s not a dirty word, and this is how he describes himself… What it means is, and correct me if I’m wrong… It is, it is a… oh, evolutionary law. We no longer… open up a text book, go to any college and study the law. You’re not going to see the quotes of the founding fathers or anything from the constitutional convention. You’re going to see case law. This started in the 1920s if I’m not mistaken and what happened is they started saying ‘What if evolution is real… if evolution is real, well then people evolved, so must our understanding of things and so must the law.’ So now they just look to the future and kind of sum — and we continue to move forward.”

And that’s just the “Darwinian” angle to the batshit crazy nonsense disgorged by Beck about the possible appointment of Harold Koh, dean of Yale Law School as President Obama’s pick for legal adviser to the State Department.

By the way, Jay Sekulow, the interlocutor with the Grecian-formula hair helmet, who seems glad to amplify Beck’s incoherent ramblings, is a spokesman for the American Center for Law & Justice; a Bizarro organization founded 20 years ago by Rev. Pat Robertson as an antidote to the ACLU.

Better Know Team Harper

Minister of Veterans Affairs: Greg Thompson

Former operator of the Fundy area Shore Bed & Breakfast (and furniture store), Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson was previously a high school history teacher for five years before becoming a car salesman and subsequent to that, a “financial planner” with Investors Group. Prior to his current appointment, Thompson served on numerous obscure government subcommittees such as the one struck to oversee “whistleblowing of the standing committee on government operations and estimates.”

The guy in charge of veterans affairs south of the border is a retired four-star general who was wounded in combat back in Vietnam.

Michele Bachmann: Full of… Pork

Another case of stunning hypocrisy from Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann.

Update: The original video was pulled due to “rights violation” which is complete bullshit because are all sorts of videos from MSNBC proliferating over the web, so while this particular one doesn’t deal with Bachmann’s hypocrisy about laughably claiming to have not taken any earmarks while having actually taken almost $4 million dollars in earmarks and her flat out LYING about the “average” amount of such spending appropriations made by Minnesota lawmakers… well, there’s always another one pointing out her hypocrisy. From the same show no less!

Better Know Team Harper

President of the Treasury Board: Vic Toews

Politics aside, almost no matter what position one looks at in the Obama administration, the contrast with our own motley crew of woefully unqualified misfits steering the helm of government couldn’t be more painfully glaring.

For the first installment of this little exercise, let’s take a look at Peter Orszag, Obama’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget. A Marshall Scholar, after graduating with degree in economics from Princeton, he went to get an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in economics from the London School of Economics. Orszag is also a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science and was an economic advisor to the Clinton administration.

In much the same office, on Team Harper, we get this guy:


Vic Toews has a law degree from the University of Manitoba and worked as a crown attorney for a number of years before becoming a professional politician 15 years ago, focusing his efforts on punishing unions and cracking down on crime. The President of the Treasury Board has no academic background or expertise in economics whatsoever.