Tourism Victoria: Disappointment Guaranteed


Apparently, the brainiacs at our local tourism board are offering a “unique promotion” this month whereby if you book a minimum of two nights, for travel in April, if it rains more than 1.25 centimeters during any day of your stay, Tourism Victoria will pay the booking party $500. Woo-hoo! It’s a total crock, of course; the terms and conditions ensure that not a dime will be actually paid out, even though the month will be filled with plenty of miserable, rainy days.

LPC Execs to Reformers: Get Stuffed!


A little over two months ago, Michael Ignatieff announced the “establishment of a special committee to ensure the Liberal Party is well equipped during this critical period of reform and rejuvenation.”

“Renewal will take many forms,” Ignatieff said at the time. “It is my hope the Liberal Party of Canada will be guided by the views of each and every one of its members as we think about our policies, our structures and our methods of engaging with Canadians.”

Chaired by former national director Steve MacKinnon and stacked with Ignatieff supporters, the commission was tasked with finding ways to “facilitate feedback and encourage grassroots involvement” amongst other things.

The result? All but one of the committee’s recommendations (that were pretty feeble and designed to be as unremarkable and non-controversial as possible to begin with) were narrowly voted down by the National Executive. The “one member, one vote” proposal that barely managed to survive the process will now go forward to the LPC convention where it will voted on by delegates who are, for obvious reasons, most likely to reject that one as well.

So much for the promised “reform and rejuvenation” of the Liberal Party.