Survivors of the Khmer Rouge

Prince Thomico Sisowath, the nephew of former Cambodian King Sihanouk talks about the past sufferings of his family and the tribunals that are now underway to hold members of the Khmer Rouge to account for their atrocities.

It seems hard to believe that only now, so many years after the fact, that the Cambodian government is attempting to bring some closure to the painful episode of the “killing fields” where almost 2 million people cruelly died for the sake of a horrific social-engineering experiment carried out in the name of agrarian Communism.

2 Replies to “Survivors of the Khmer Rouge”

  1. one problem being the khmer rouge are still popular in the hinterlands. thank god for those godless vietnamese commies doing the right thing in overthrowing pol pot (one of the few humanitarian interventions in history)

  2. No kidding. How incredibly strange was that?

    Doing a little research to this I was kind of surprised to learn that Norodom Sihanouk, who was the titular “Head of State” in Cambodia when I was a kid is now the nominal “King-father” of that country.

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