Another Useless “Factor” Boycott

For reasons that should be perfectly obvious to sentient humans, Spain should welcome the fact that Bill O’Reilly won’t visit their country. As for his call for a boycott against Spanish products, if past is prologue, it should be noted that during the period of his hilariously inept boycott against France (phony reports from the imaginary “Paris Business Journal” notwithstanding), trade with that country actually increased substantially throughout the time of Bill-O’s ban.

5 Replies to “Another Useless “Factor” Boycott”

  1. Spain sounds like the winner in this deal.

    Hey, I wonder if Bill-O is upset at Cheney for doing back door deals with Saddam during the 90s?

    So, where can I find some good Spanish products to purchase?

  2. Hmmm. Crude oil is their primary export. Go figure.

    Salt-packed anchovies are high on the list of consumer items…

    Maybe they are “terrorists” after all.

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