Why Do People Hate NYC?

Oh, I just cannot possibly imagine why…

Maybe it’s just me, but all of the videos the oh-so-precious dilettantes and marvelous fashionistas at New York magazine egregiously poot out of their collective backside onto the Internet make me think of Moorcock’s Dancers at the End of Time, a book set in an era “where entropy is king and the universe has begun collapsing upon itself.”

The View: Bill O’Reilly

A “bold fresh piece of humanity” — or something.

Here’s a mildly interesting look at a self-described “culture icon” talking to America’s favourite coffee klatch about the hatefulness of “far left blogs” and whether “white people with blue eyes” are responsible for the recession, amongst other such matters of great national importance.

This part is (relatively speaking) the one worth watching. Funny to see O’Reilly dismiss fellow Fox News phenom and paranoid schizophrenic Glen Beck as merely “entertaining” — Ouch! Also nice to see the latent reasonableness of Bill-O emerge when soughing off some of the more frivolous criticisms of Obama (e.g., the self-deprecating joke about his evidently still-hapless bowling ability that badly misfired on the Tonight Show not being deserving of all the overblown consternation devoted to it), and scoffing at the inane, chin-irrigating* pointlessness of social media fads like Twitter.

Needless to say, O’Reilly’s economic prescriptions are totally ridiculous and not even worthy of comment. Does anyone in their right mind think that a complete spending freeze, coupled with cutbacks to “entitlement programs” or “anything” would have significant benefit to the economy at this point in time?

*Hat-tip to convicted felon Lord Conrad Black for that delightful expression.

Another Home Shooting

“When things get tough in life, in the world, it seems that these kinds of incidents erupt.” — Santa Clara Mayor Patricia Mahan.

Six people, including three children, were killed in a family shooting at an upscale Silicon Valley housing development yesterday. The murder-suicide occurred late Sunday night at the Rivermark townhome development in Santa Clara, about 65 kilometres south of San Francisco. Police discovered five bodies, including a young boy and girl, when neighbours called them to the house at around 8:30 pm after seeing an injured woman outside.

Were these people so emotionally distressed by the sudden downturn in their investment portfolio that death was actually seen as a preferable alternative to radical cutbacks in their relatively luxurious “lifestyle”? How morally vacant and utterly depraved does one have to be to terminate existence on such a patently feeble premise? That’s presumption on my part, of course — we don’t know what the actual motive for this otherwise inexplicable incident might be. But how else to explain it…

In any case, it’s always difficult to comprehend the rationalization underpinning such senseless acts of violence. Destructive self-immolation is quite easy enough to appreciate, but when innocent, wholly unwitting parties are drawn into the act, the mind reels attempting to grasp how detached from reality the people involved must have been.

Just Say… D’oh!

Ah yes, the ineluctable forces of supply and demand at work…

Why is it, we wonder that the zealous puritans of free-market economics and righteous self-determination are such monstrously stinking hypocrites when it comes to the matter of drugs…

President Goodwrench

As someone in the minority position in terms of generally supporting the bailout of the automakers, I have to say that Obama’s “tough love” approach to handling this undertaking looks somewhat promising.

Unsurprisingly, the mindless shriekers and innumerable pathological haters of the Fright-wing are having a field day denouncing today’s announcement.

Apparently, they’re outraged (but when aren’t they?) at what they perceive to be a dangerously socialistic intrusion into the fabulous free market. According to dictates drawn from the idealistic, laissez-faire fantasy world of Hayeck and Rand, GM and Chrysler should have been abandoned with Spartan resolve to the wrecking yard. In doing so however, they seem oblivious to fact that simply disposing of them in this way would have effectively flushed all of the billions of dollars of taxpayer loans already provided (most of it provided by the previous administration) down the drain, and effectively destroyed the industrial core of the North American economy to boot. It seems, however, that their burning desire to see their partisan political ENEMIES fail miserably far outweighs any fiscal prudence, ethical decency or common sense.

Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t all kinds of reservations about this latest evolution in the plan to save the struggling automakers and prevent a meltdown in the manufacturing sector. Obviously, there’s any number of questions about the nature and extent of the government’s involvement, but to dismiss it outright for purely partisan motives or from some sense of ideological Puritanism seems petty, reckless and self-serving.

Obama has taken a beating over the last four weeks for the financial collapse that he inherited from the previous administration and now it seems that it’s time to excoriate him over the demise of the manufacturing sector. In both cases, it’s reasonable to be skeptical about the government’s efforts to salvage something viable from the wreckage, but there’s a huge difference between cautious reserve and blind, knee-jerk denunciation.