Dehumanizing Palestinians

T-shirts worn by some Jewish soldiers mock the killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, including pregnant women and children. “1 shot, two kills” says one depicting a pregnant Palestinian woman in a sniper’s crosshairs.

Apparently, the shirts came into fashion following disclosures that soldiers who took part in Israel’s military offensive in Gaza complained about rules of engagement allowing them to kill civilians and destroy property. According to Dr. Orna Sasson-Levy, a sociologist at Bar-Ilan University, the phenomenon is “part of a radicalization process the entire country is undergoing, and the soldiers are at its forefront.”

9 Replies to “Dehumanizing Palestinians”

  1. Careful now RT, don’t you realize that any criticism you make of Israelis automatically makes you antisemitic and Hitler? No matter how loathsome and vile the actions of those receiving said criticism…ugh. These guys must be the Israeli version of LGF readers.

  2. The fact that Red used a “news” item from al Jazerra paints him as an anti-Semite, regardless of the content of the “news” item. Just posting the video shows him up for the Jew-hating, terrorist-supporting, Hitler loving pro-genocide Marxist that he is…. 😉

    After all, how could one criticize the actions of a government, without also attacking every man, woman and child who happens to live in the state with that government?

    For example, people who criticized Bush II obviously were anti-American, just as anyone who criticizes Harper is anti-Canadian [and probably anti-democratic and a coup supporter as well].

    I fully support a homeland for the Jews, but I also support a homeland for the Palestinians – I guess that makes me an anti-Semite…. 😦

    Its lucky for us that ALL politics is so simple and black and white; gee if there were nuances and complexity to politics, it might actually take thought to come to a political opinion, rather, than seems to be the case now, the public’s “right” to form an opinion completely absent of any knowledge of the issue…. 🙂

  3. I think that “anti-Semitic” line of attack has been largely discredited, hasn’t it? Besides, there’s no shortage of critics of Israeli policy within that country, so the charge is clearly specious — unless one subscribes to the loopy notion that such individuals are all “self-loathing Jews”…

  4. Discredited? Really…. it seems to pop up with remarkable frequency on some sites…. 😉

    But perhaps you meant it was discredited by people with IQs in the double digits?… that may well be true. 🙂

  5. Well, I haven’t had it leveled at me… yet. Or lately, anyway. Perhaps that’s because WordPress tends to discourage comments from completely anonymous cretins with pudding for brains.

  6. I think that “anti-Semitic” line of attack has been largely discredited, hasn’t it?

    Almost entirely, I’d say. There are vanishingly few instances when the accusation is warranted, mostly because the true antisemites (fundamentalist Christians of all types) have successfully transmogrified their antisemitism into an objective good…that being pro-Jewish will bring on the fate prophesied in scripture (either literally or metaphorically) that will result in no more Jews (or Muslims, for that matter).

    All we have left are the conspiracy nutters for whom Jews are just a catch-all for any number of secret forces that are perceived to be controlling the World and the rump of neonazis.

  7. I concur with gist of post & sociological analysis. A dreadful hardening of souls is occurring on all sides, predictably enough. On that score, it’s worth noting that it’s even easier to find similarly despicable attire & sloganeering attacking Israel & Jewish Israelis throughout most Arab & Muslim majority countries. And one sees far fewer people wearing ostentatious symbols of support for Israel & implicitly its government’s actions in developed democracies like Canada than one does buttons, t-shirts & kaffiyahs signalling support for policies of violence against one or many of the following: the Israeli Government, Israel, Jewish Israelis, Jews & Israeli civilians. While opinion in a country like Canada is divided on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, few among even the most hardline Likudniks here would go around in public wearing as much or as expressive accoutrement that is explicitly or implicitly critical of the Palestinian Leadership/Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims as do those who are critical of Israeli (Government) policy, who seemingly feel much more at ease, and which must say something about the state of opinion, its conformity etc., among Canadian “youth” (under 35?).

    I know you know this already, RT, but I feel it’s always worth noting. It’s a vicious self-reinforcing cycle of dehumanisation on all sides and one wouldn’t want to give the impression that one sees only excesses on one side and not the other. And as is often my unhappy lot, as often as I find myself blue in the face arguing with Likudniks, it would be nice to have some help arguing with people sporting, implicitly if not explicitly, pro-Hamas or pro-Hezbollah attire & opinions. Israelis feel/are besieged. Got it. Palestinians feel/are suffering from colonial occupation. Got it. But as empathetic as we must be, is it really OK to convey support for Likudnik and Hamas/Hezbollah viciousness, as elected as they might be within their own communities and as understandable, sociologically, their views may be?

    I already spend too much energy trying to get people to research & reflect upon whether it’s appropriate to wear Che & CCCP attire. Let’s try to make sure we all keep some perspective on this issues, on all sides. Again, obvious, I know, but has to be said. Unfortunately.

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