SDA Jackassery


Regardless of your stance on climate change, if you ask me, sitting in the parking lot of a Timmy’s and wastefully idling your car for sixty minutes, presumably to make some sort of counterpoint to “Earth Hour”… is just plain dumb. I suppose it’s never occurred to the boneheads behind this little stunt that it’s kind of ironic for so-called “conservatives” to be opposing… you know, conservation.

Sadly, this is the kooky, ridiculous sort of gesture the Right has been reduced to these days. Whether it’s laughably “Tea Bagging the White House,” petulantly “Going Galt” (as if anyone cares, or would even notice), or now sitting in the parking lot of an obscure doughnut shop, inhaling noxious car exhaust for an hour… all these futile stunts do is remind people how impotent and bereft of ideas (not to mention emotional stability) the enfeebled Right has become.

Jason Kenney vs. The Facts

A member of the War Resisters Support Campaign questions Immigration Douchebag Minister Jason Kenney regarding the government’s deportation of U.S. Iraq war resisters as he exits a press conference at the Sheraton Centre in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Flouting a motion passed in Parliament last summer calling on Canada to let war resisters stay and stop the deportations, the Harper government is nonetheless moving to deport to jail a mother of three, Kim Rivera, whose claim for refugee status Jason Kenney calls “bogus”…

Meeting of the Minds

From CBS’s Sunday Morning program, Lesley Stahl reports on this year’s annual gathering of Mensa held in Denver, Colorado.

Think you might qualify for Mensa? Why not take an IQ test and find out…

Knee Slapping!

If there’s one thing amongst right-wing bloggers that’s in even shorter supply than humour, it’s irony.

Snarling fascist Shih Tzu Michelle Malkin presumes to explain why Obama is “comedy-challenged” and can’t tell a good joke. Need I say more?

JDL Calling the Shots

In response to George Galloway’s vow that he will speak to supporters at the Canada-U.S. border and would address those in Canada who wanted to hear him “by other means,” Meir Weinstein, the national director of the Jewish Defence League Canada, stated that: “If he uses those other means, we will see to it that the Canadian government will be monitoring every individual and organization that will have anything to do with it.”

Speaking to Britain’s Channel 4 News, Weinstein expressed his determination to “uncover any proxy agents” — variously accused of being affiliated with Hamas, Hezbollah and “radical Iran ” — further indicating that “we will be looking into these organizations that invited him… their links to terror groups as well.”

It’s bad enough that the Harper Government cravenly bowed to pressure from the Jewish Defence League to have Galloway banned, but perhaps worse still that it’s now going to be spying on Canadian citizens and also conducting a witch hunt into the affairs of peace organizations at its behest.