Portia De Rossi Apologies…

The star of the TV show Better Off Ted appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week with a PSA apologizing to all of the Prop 8 supporters who were harmed or inconvenienced while protesting her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres.

Fox News: Where Comedy Goes to Die

Although inexplicably described by some as “humorous” (or even more puzzlingly as “satirical”), Fox News’ “edgy” late-night news chat show Red Eye suffers from a major flaw this regard — it’s painfully unfunny. For those unfamiliar with the program, essentially it consists of host Greg Gutfeld (a former editor of men’s health and fitness magazines) together with a roundtable of pop-culture savvy conservative nonentities that sit around making fun of those wussy liberals. Really… that’s usually about the full extent of this dismally mirthless enterprise.

With that in mind, here’s Gutfeld and crew attempting to be hilarious at the expense of the Canadian military effort in Afghanistan.

h/t: The Centre For Strategic Centrism

Update: Bodies of 4 killed Canadian soldiers coming home… More.

NDP Bleeding Support to the Liberals

Not that it really matters for the time being, but the latest Nanos Research poll shows that the Liberals are now 3 points up on the Conservatives, apparently having drawn support away from the NDP. This seems a bit counterintuitive seeing as it’s generally agreed that the Liberals under Ignatieff have been pulling harder to the right, to the point now where there’s little daylight between them and the Conservatives on many key policy issues. Still, according to Nik Nanos, “the key takeaway is the steady decline in support for the NDP with those former NDP voters moving to the Liberals.”

Anyway, for whatever it’s worth, the numbers are: Liberal Party 36% (+3); Conservative Party 33% (-1); NDP 13% (-3); BQ 10% (NC); Green Party 8% (+1); Undecided 11%.

Plumbing the Depths

This was alluded to in an earlier video featuring Seth MacFarlane, but here’s the (mercifully brief) appearance of Mr. Wurzelbacher at Thursday night’s Media Research Gala at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C. (formal attire not required, apparently).

When it comes to this pathetic clown, one could easily paraphrase the Rude Pundit’s recent remarks about Sarah Palin. So let’s do that, shall we, by a simple process of name substitution and some minor edits…

Why can’t we be fucking finished with Joe the Plumber? There is nothing interesting, thoughtful, original, or unique about this idiot, this attention hungry mouthpiece for things he can’t comprehend, this… dullard, this conscienceless void, Forrest Gump without the skills, this willful tabula rasa who whores himself out to let the highest bidder scrawl their beliefs on his blank brain. He’s like an especially ambitious dung beetle trying to push a turd up and over a hill; even if he gets it where he wants it, in the end, he’s still just been rolling shit.

WPITW: Twitter!

More accurately, Olbermann should have made “spammers on Twitter” as his “Worst Person in the World”… As reported a couple of months ago on the U.K. tech site The Register, these depraved assholes are now aiming to pollute yet another form of electronic communications with their toxic advertising waste:

After undermining the usefulness of email, turning newsgroups into a forum for promoting sex sites and filling blog comment sections with adverts for penis pill adverts and get rich quick schemes, spammers have set their sights on a new target — Twitter.

Richard Stiennon of ThreatChaos.com has published an analysis explaining how spammers are lining up to exploit the popular micro-blogging service as a medium for junk mail messages.

Personally, in the absence of having them drawn and quartered or summarily dispatched to the gallows, I’d like to see every spammer bankrupted with ruinous fines and then thrown in jail for a period of no less than a year, followed by a lifetime ban preventing them from ever owning or using a computer.

But actually, it’s the second WPITW here that interests me more. Refer back to this post from yesterday with respect to Gibby’s comments from 2007 about Media Matters and the “liberal smear merchants” using that organization as a “script service” etc., and contrast that to Brit Hume admitting the other night that he used to crib extensively from Brent Bozell’s hacktacular Media Research Center. Pot… meet kettle.