The Conservative Imagination*

Courtesy of radio host and Fox News alum John Gibson, here are some “dramatic” readings of comments selectively plucked from Crooks & Liars, Think Progress and Raw Story following Cheney’s appearance Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union program with John King.

Apparently, when “conservatives” read “far left” blogs, this is how they imagine what the comment writers must sound like in life.

*Sorry, no bonus points for suggesting that’s an oxymoron.

10 Replies to “The Conservative Imagination*”

  1. Same ‘ol bullshit from the right. Take anonymous comments made at a website and then make sweeping generalizations about the party as a whole. *Yawn*

  2. Right, because if we ever did that to some of their more shrill nutter comments, they’d be the first to shout “yeah but that’s different…”

    Damn hypocrites.


  3. sorta funny.. but, point taken all the same.

    My thoughts.. if “we” (meaning, the people who happen to agree with me, whether or not that is left or right oriented) wish to perhaps convince someone who is not “we”, but rather, who is “them”.. that our point of view has, well, merit.. what are the odds that “we” are going to get our point across by insulting “them”..?

    Or maybe that’s the point.. maybe, there is a certain mileage to be obtained from further polarizing “we” and “them”.. but, if so, why get so upset with “they” quite clearly respond that “they” think the ideas the “we” have are stupid – when we were seeking to polarize everyone anyway?

    Just a thought.

  4. ..slightly off-topic, I saw a very interesting video on youtube today, here:

    ..who sort of takes off the polarized glasses of Republican/Democrat and says, effectively, all of the leaders are in the pockets of Wall Street.

    ..maybe the “shell game” of polarizing political debate allows us to avoid looking at the real enemy, which isn’t necessarily a matter of political belief as a matter of government dependance upon special interests.

  5. ATY — Interesting. Several weeks ago he indicated that due to work commitments he’d be temporarily on hiatus and that in the meantime it would be “updated by its readers” (kind of an odd way of putting it). To that end, he’d recruited some of his more faithful commenters — hacks like “Mary T” and other braindead idiots — to be contributors. Guess it didn’t work out for whatever reason. So, the slate was wiped clean — again. I’ve lost track of how many times it is now. That his blogs will implode after several months seems to be the only “Trusty” thing about that particular “Tory”… 😉

  6. Rob — Thanks for the link. Very interesting stuff — now subject of a new post with link to you included.

    When it comes to the “polarized glasses” of the left-right debate (appearances nothwithstanding), you’re preaching to the choir here. It’s a tiresome distraction for the most part.

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