The Eagle Has Landed

Under cover of darkness and all super-secret like…

It must be a little disillusioning for George Bush to realize that even in “the most conservative city in the nicest nearby country” he’s still met with crowds of angry, shoe-hurling protesters. Well, he’d better get used to “not getting out of his car, to not press the flesh, and not shake some hands… with all those people who are not his fans and who did not line the road …” and so on.

Author James Moore says that when the former president was leaving his speaking engagement in Calgary (risibly billed as “a Conversation with George W. Bush”), somebody asked him why he hadn’t criticized President Obama. He’s reputed to have said “I think he deserves my silence.” To which Moore quipped, “I would suggest that we all deserve his silence.”

Update: “The consensus among those who talked to reporters after the two-hour speech and question-and-answer period was that Bush was worth every penny.” Obviously people with no concept of value for money.

Renegade Economist: Michael Hudson

Heh. This may possibly make you mad. If one accepts the unconventional premise, conclusions and prescriptions being advanced by Hudson, it should at least be cause for some considerable agitation.

I inadvertently stumbled across Hudson a little while back in his role as a panelist on Max Keiser’s quirky BBC program The Oracle making some very astute observations about the phony “class war” and populist uprising sparked by the now infamous “Santelli rant” on the floor of the CME. On Keiser’s program he maintained that this was simply part of “a well-orchestrated campaign to try to blame the victim” — in other words, a deliberate incitement by the financial establishment initiated to deflect the pent-up anger of solvent taxpayers away from institutional lenders and instead re-direct it at hapless (and yes, sometimes reckless) borrowers who presently find themselves “underwater” and facing foreclosure on properties they couldn’t possibly afford in the first place (“somebody getting something more than them,” as Hudson described these folks, otherwise more generically referred to as the “toxic assets” that collectively have poisoned the pool of global credit).

Rob Harvie, a lawyer and libertarian-conservative blogger behind the site “Searching for Liberty” has brought Hudson to our attention again. This time, Hudson employs precedents from the Ancient World to float the concept of widespread debt forgiveness in order to just “wipe the slate clean” and goes on to briefly explain his cynical take on the bail-outs that willfully contradicts the muddled narrative being pedaled by the Obama administration and the corporate media. In Hudson’s view, the politicians are bailing out their real constituents — the creditors, who just happen to be the largest contributors to their political campaigns — leaving witless taxpayers holding the bag and ruining the economy in the process.

It’s food for thought, but for now, I’ve got more real food on my mind… off for some homemade Irish stew and Guinness at da wife’s place.

The Conservative Imagination*

Courtesy of radio host and Fox News alum John Gibson, here are some “dramatic” readings of comments selectively plucked from Crooks & Liars, Think Progress and Raw Story following Cheney’s appearance Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union program with John King.

Apparently, when “conservatives” read “far left” blogs, this is how they imagine what the comment writers must sound like in life.

*Sorry, no bonus points for suggesting that’s an oxymoron.