X-President Bush in Canada

Could he be arrested on Tuesday as a war criminal?

No, of course not. Harper would never allow that to happen. I mean, just imagine… actually enforcing our own laws. Feh. Ridiculous!

So, how’s that “shoe cannon” coming along then, folks?

The Day in… OUTRAIGE

Simple solution: just change the tax code to claw back the bonuses in their entirety. Shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. That would allow AIG to avoid being sued for abrogation of contracts while still ensuring that the “bonuses” are, in effect, completely worthless.

Hypocrisy Watch: 03-16-09

It’s really waaaaay too easy pointing out what hypocrital dooches most politicians are. Which isn’t to say that it isn’t fun, of course.

I suffered through a little of Cantor on MTP this weekend. The man is simply incapable of providing a straight answer to simple questions. Evidently, he’s one of those people who, if you ask them what time it is, will start talking about the history of watchmaking and the benefits of wearing a watch on one wrist as opposed to the other, &tc. Another “rising star” of the Republican Party. Yawn.

The Chairman

If you missed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s rare interview last night on 60 Minutes, here it is.

I suppose it would have been unrealistic to expect that there might have been some more thoughtful questions or challenging follow-ups, but it’s still somewhat interesting as a curiosity, if nothing else.

Sweet, Sexy, Cute and Funny

But enough about me…

Philosopher Dan Dennett explores the “strange inversion of reasoning” (an expression used by a contemporary critic of Darwin’s theory) that describes evolution’s counterintuitive reasoning with respect to cute, sweet and sexy things, concluding with a foretaste of his new theory explaining why jokes are funny (which, as everyone knows, is a sure-fire way to kill a joke).

The Mob Wears Prada

Aspiring models rioting in the streets… Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

It’s interesting that amidst all of the various news reports, nobody at all can seem to figure out what might have provoked this bedlam.