Harper Unplugged

No surprise that in a speech Harper delivered to Manning Institute for Building Democracy on Thursday, he would, as usual it seems these days, be lying up a storm. Take this for example, in regards to Obama “raising” taxes on earnings of more than $250,000 a year: “They didn’t tell you the taxes they would raise – we are seeing that in the States now – but they wouldn’t have brought in any tax reductions at all.” Aside from the tortured construction there not making sense (which I suspect is the fault of the reporter misquoting out of context), the assertion is flatly untrue. Allowing the Bush tax cuts to lapse, thereby effectively “raising” taxes (or more accurately allowing them to return to the previous level under Clinton), was clearly and plainly stated as a promise in Obama’s presidential campaign.

I only wish that the so-called “liberal media” would publish the transcript of this speech (and/or allow us to hear the tape that was circulated amongst various media outlets) so we could all see/hear what a duplicitous prick Harper is and find out for ourselves how many other mendacious boners were packed into his address “meant for sympathetic ears” of the faithful.

Update (for obdurate dummies): It seems audio of the speech is available here. Transcripts are apparently on the way in due course, so watch that space.

President Palin


Click on the above graphic to go to a wonderfully executed flash animation of the Palin Oval Office. Then click on everything. It’s quite funny, with terrific attention to detail and lots of inside jokes for political junkies.

h/t: Saskboy.