Experts Agree…

Giant, Bioengineered Crabs Pose No Threat

The In The Know panelists dismiss concerns of “nay sayers” (who “just love stopping progress”) that something could go wrong with intelligent, 75-foot-tall crabs that shoot acid from their mouths.



Filed under Humour

5 responses to “Experts Agree…

  1. Ian

    Meh…although the farty hostage release story is clearly not to be missed

  2. Okhropir rumiani

    I think that nay-sayer with an attactive girlfriend was Jeff Goldblum.

  3. Ha.

    Reminds me of watching every panel n CNN with Ali Velchi….


  4. Geekwad

    “Go wrong” is pretty subjective. I think giant belligerent crabs taking possession of a major human settlement would be pretty cool.

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