China’s “Unseen Hands”

Chinese journalist Xinran Xue retells a story of perseverance about a mother who lived in a public restroom for 28 years, but still managed to send her two children to the top universities in China with no government assistance.

Such stories are tremendously inspirational of course, but don’t they refute the stale narratives about “Communist” China and specious notions regarding monolithic ideologies as they’re actually played out in practical terms?

Kill the Fags!

Hey, it’s just an opinion… well, at least according to Justin Hoffer (aka the “Raging Tory”) who today leaps to the defense of John David Popescu, a luckless independent candidate in the last federal election.

We anxiously await similar “opinions” regarding other people that should be summarily executed. Although I’m a free speech fundamentalist in most regards, this doesn’t seem to pass the basic smell test for such matters that was set out by Oliver Wendell Holmes more than a hundred years ago.

Update: It seems that the refulgent idiot is now also “skeptical of evolution” — as if any further evidence of his profound stupidity was needed…

Dumbest Post, Ever

Okay, I’ll confess that’s pure hyperbole… intrepid geeks can most certainly Google vastly more deeply idiotic posts than the idle prattling that Wendy Sullivan dashed off as she rushed to deal with the “huge pile of work” on her probably fictional desk Nonetheless, submitted for your approval (as Rod Serling used to lovingly say) behold the following crystalline idiocy:

When you look at the amount of unnecessary bureaucratic and paper-pushing jobs that have been created by/for women, you must give pause. I’ve been working since I was 15, and very few of those jobs were what I would call necessary to any company I worked for. In many cases, if they had eliminated some of their own internal red tape, those jobs wouldn’t have ever existed.

Where to even begin with such howling nonsense? Wendy… poor dear, you seem to be falling into the all-too-common trap of confusing freakishly anecdotal experience with statistical norms.