Conservative “Civility”

It was somewhat amusing to hear Chantal Hébert mention on tonight’s “At Issue” panel discussion on CBC’s The National about the quality of “debate” in the House of Commons, that when Stéphane Dion was recently posing a question, a Conservative backbencher was apparently heard to loudly shout “Didn’t you used to be somebody?” at the former Liberal leader.

Keeping it classy and ever-concerned about “civility” … Yep, that’s our so-called “Conservative” government for you.

Dead Wrong

What a complete waste of life. And for what…? For nothing, but the best of intentions that were, as it turns out, quite tragically, nothing but an awful lie.

“If we don’t get them in their back yard, they’re surely to get us in ours.”

Before you start getting your hate on for me, consider that this fine, upstanding and doubtlessly brave fellow willfully surrendered all of his domestic responsibilities (loving wife, kids, respectable job, etc.) in order to go fight for an inevitably doomed cause (according to our own Prime Minister) in a miserable, irredeemable shithole half way around the globe on grounds that were utterly and completely fraudulent (again, at the behest of outrageous LIES propagated out of nothing more than petty political expediency by the Dear Leader and his slavering mob of bloodthirsty jackals and whores).

I sincerely hope that every Bloggin’ Tory that gleefully contributed to the implantation of that cynical LIE in this poor fellow’s head, does a little more than pathetically weep some crocodile tears over his entirely needless death. Man up and kick some money into the trust fund that’s been established for Warrant Officer Brown’s family: Meridian Credit Union • Account #3631959.

“Now is the time…”

Could significant health care reform finally be a realizable objective on the near horizon for America?

Karen Ignagni, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, a successor group to the Health Insurance Association of America, which funded the infamous “Harry and Louise” advertisements that helped torpedo the doomed Clinton plan in the 90s, stood before Obama in the East Room at the end of the healthcare summit and claimed a conversion of sorts.

“We understand we have to earn a seat at the table,” Ignagni said. “We’ve already offered a comprehensive series of proposals. We want to work with you, we want to work with the members of Congress on a bipartisan basis here. You have our commitment. We hear the American people about what’s not working. We’ve taken that very seriously. You have our commitment to play, to contribute, and to help pass health care reform this year.”

Your Lying Eyes

What a completely remarkable concept! Striving to make the process of witness identification more objective and less susceptible to the vagaries of perception and the nonsensical influence of third parties. Can you imagine?

Why on earth specious, so-called “eyewitness” testimony still has rock-solid credibility remains something of a confounding mystery. Hasn’t everyone seen My Cousin Vinnie for goodness sake? Or for that matter, the inquiry into the officially sanctioned murder of Robert Dziekansk…


Ah yes… “quantitative easing” — the delightful term coined (no pun intended) by economists to describe the creation of “new” money out of “thin air” by central banks.

In case you hadn’t cottoned on to the gist of the scheme here, the idea is to inflate the Fed’s balance sheet and thereby effectively diminish the value of persistently malingering assets in the market. Well, that’s my understanding of it anyway… I could well be wrong. Economics — the “dismal science” you know — is something akin to alchemy these days… figuratively and, quite literally.


A question worth asking…

Michael Ignatieff asks the Harper government to explain why it needs $3 billion “walking around money” (aka the mini-Stim) without any accountability or oversight whatsoever, despite the fact that it’s yet to spend the same amount from the 2007 budget that was allocated to infrastructure.

And the answer… D’oh! Eternal mystery abounds.

Update: All is revealed! Here’s the non-answer from the government side of the House (thanks to KNB in the comments):

“Mr. Speaker, the government, in consultation with other levels of government, has estimated that we will need about this much money to make sure that we get some of these new programs that have just been designated in the budget out before July. The country and other levels of government are waiting for this. I encourage the Liberal Party to stop playing games and simply let the money flow into the economy.”

Q: Does that address the matter in any way, shape or form? A: No.

Wingnuts in Extremis

Oh dear… it seems you “conservative” folks are now just a marginalized fraction of overall popular opinion — for the time being at least.

Well, not to worry! Keep plugging away with your relentless, plucky self-determination at that whole monstrously stupid objective of ultimately achieving an epic societal failure and economic catastrophe on a grand scale… carry on with your bitter resentment, untethered anger, blind rage, and morbidly relentless defeatism! Hey, who knows… perhaps the global economy will collapse utterly into a colossal failure of historic proportions. Hope springs eternal! Don’t give up praying for the ultimate vindication of your absolutely brilliant, wickedly keen ideology!