Gaza Airport: Then and Now

Opened a little over ten years ago by Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Gaza Airport was a “symbol of freedom”… Today, it lays in ruins — a monument of sorts to the ravages and futility of war.

Perhaps they should update their website: “Gaza Airport covers a wide span of high standard facilities. Long history of experiences should guarantees the unique quality services…” and so on.



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6 responses to “Gaza Airport: Then and Now

  1. At the risk of being slagged mercilessly by your readers.. I also agree that the conflict in Ghaza is truly tragic.. and that the world, particularly the Western world has made some massive errors in contributing to that.

    The problem is that the conflict is so polarizing.. you’re either saying that Israel is right and Hamas are terrorist outlaws who bring death on their own people.. or, Israel are “war criminals” and Hamas is simply asserting their quest for a Palestinian state.. like so much politics it seems easier to just take a side and go with it.

    How about this? How about Hamas, in their actions, advocate terrorism, using civilian shields to cover their own ineffective efforts at aggression.. and Israel, while defending themselves, is grossly unconcerned with any effort to limit civilian loss of life.. the problem however, not being “how” the conflict plays out, but “why”.

    I recently saw an excellent interview on BBS with Aaron David Miller, a foreign policy advisor to the last four Presidents, Democrats and Republicans, the tenor of his thoughts included in a Newsweek article here.

    His thoughts are we have to stop with the assumption that the first step in negotiation of peace always has to be something vetted by Israel first..

    He basically echoes the words of Einstein.. that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

    Time to stop being insane.

  2. Sounds quite reasonable to me.

  3. @ Rob.H :
    I agree with you.. war making the people suffer, I love Peace..

  4. generayburn

    That does make a lot of sense. Interesting article too. You dont hear the words “get tough on Israel” coming from a US periodical that often.

    No slagging from me on this one.

  5. does the saying go, “even a blind dog finds a bone now and again”.

  6. Broken clock… right twice a day. 😉

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