Brown Addresses Congress

In case you missed Gordon Brown’s address to a joint session of Congress this morning, here it is in full.

Gee, I wonder why he didn’t just follow the shining path of the Dear Leader… hit a few friendly cable yak shows where his smug prevarications would go unchallenged, meet with the folks at the Wall Street Journal, get his picture taken in Times Square along with hundreds of other tourists, and then quietly slink back from whence he came. Isn’t that what the world really needs now?

p.s. “Sir” Ted Kennedy, KBE. Heh.

p.p.s. Shorter Gordon Brown: “Blah, blah, blah, blah…”

Hail to the Dear Leader!

Surely this dick-licking drivel from “Chucker Canuck” must be satirical in nature… right?

International media, perhaps freed from the pettiness of proximity, quickly recognizes what a dazzling figure Stephen Harper is. That he is smart, articulate, focused and – most importantly – the change the world has been looking for.

I first thought this just had to be thinly disguised sarcasm, but then along comes the usual flock of puerile Bloggin’ Tory cheerleaders like “Joanne” to proclaim what an absolutely super-terrific, scrumdilicious post “Chucker” has penned! So, presumably the praise for Kim Il Harper (“The Great Media Man”) is in earnest. How delusional.

Update: For shame! My vulgar crack about Chucker’s “dick-licking drivel” has attracted the sort of puritanical opprobrium and moral pretentiousness one has come to expect from the Bloggin’ Tories in lieu of intelligence. What can I say? Aside from being preoccupied otherwise with tedious errands today, the original “knob-polishing piffle” seemed hardly deserving of a more artfully contrived riposte… Oh well. If nothing else, if will give the wingnut punters some much needed grist for their ever-so-tiny mill.

“The Three Yorkshiremen”

Okay, it’s actually two harpies and a manatee, but you know what I mean. The real fun begins about 5:50 into the video when the plaintive hand-ringing intensifies and stirring tales of gritty self-determination (by their parents) are trotted out for effect.

So, once the market hits bottom and starts to rebound, will these chuckleheads then attribute that to Obama? No, I didn’t think so either. Things never work that way in Wingnuttia.

Gaza Airport: Then and Now

Opened a little over ten years ago by Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Gaza Airport was a “symbol of freedom”… Today, it lays in ruins — a monument of sorts to the ravages and futility of war.

Perhaps they should update their website: “Gaza Airport covers a wide span of high standard facilities. Long history of experiences should guarantees the unique quality services…” and so on.

Rachel Maddow on The Tonight Show

From last night’s show. Hey, I’m an admirer — what can I say?

A couple of observations… First, it seems interesting to me the comments being made these days here and there in the media suggesting that the Obama administration is perhaps tackling too many “big issues” — both foreign and domestic — all at once, as if this is a bad thing somehow. The other is the funny (well, “funny” in the sense of being shocking/appalling) story Leno tells about a friend of his that broke his arm, was in hospital for the day… and the bill? $26,000! Yeah, good thing Americans don’t have “socialized medicine” alright.