The Depraved Insanity of the Right

It would be hard to imagine any respectable newspaper publishing a column with such a risible headline, wouldn’t it? After all, not everyone on “the Right” is completely demented. I josh, of course…

But what then are we to make to the National Dogtrainer running this execrable column by scurrilous dooche and “heteronormative” racist “Raphael Alexander,” who in today’s installment of the NP’s Free Full Comment, accuses “the left” of “moral bankruptcy” because of what he imagines to be a wholesale “abandonment of the moral humanitarian struggle against anti-democratic Islamic imperialism”? Good grief, how many things wrong can you spot in that one ridiculous assertion alone vis-à-vis the Afghanistan War?

I really can’t bring myself to waste time picking apart the sanctimonious claptrap of this fatuous little twatwaffle — it’s simply not worth the trouble. Just another sign I suppose of the woeful state of desperation on the part of the NP that its editorial standards have sunken to such a pathetic nadir.

U.S. Losing Jobs to Canada?

Howard Dean discussing Obama’s proposed healthcare plan: “This is a huge economic boost. We’re losing jobs to Canada right now because their healthcare system doesn’t weigh down their business community like our healthcare system does.”

Countdown: Polischticks

When the American Museum of Fly Fishing hooked Dick Cheney (whose Secret Service code name was “Angler” by the way) for a fund-raising dinner, critics howled that they should throw him back.

“The entire fly fishing community is appalled and disgusted,” said Ted Williams, conservation editor at Fly Rod & Reel magazine. “We all need money, but to apply green lipstick to this Darth Vader of fish and wildlife is whoring – it’s grotesque. It’s as if the Holocaust museum held a dinner to honor Klaus Barbie.”

Steve Wright, a former commissioner of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, blasted the invitation, calling Cheney “one of the great enemies of healthy fish and wildlife conservation in the U.S. over the last eight years.”

Irony Abounds

On the day that Washington woke up from its biggest snowstorm in three years, Capitol Hill was full of events and protests about global warming. I’m sure you may have noticed the extensive 20 seconds of coverage it received on CNN and the liberal media nightly news.

Also rather ironic is the fact that heat and A/C is supplied to Congress by its very own small coal-fired power plant. More pictures of the protest actions at the Capitol power plant here.