The Queen of Mean

The other “star” of CPAC 2009, author and comedian Ann Coulter, spent her time savaging President Obama and liberals. Groundbreaking stuff! The first two video clips are her speech; the third is a Q&A with the audience — including one guy who first intimated that he wanted to propose to it her and then wanted to know “How can us Canadian Conservatives earn the love we have for you?” She answered by saying: “That’s the thing about you Canadians, you’re either really, really good, or really, really awful. At the beginning of the Iraq War it was becoming perilously close to being awful.”

If you manfully suffered all the way through to the end, you may have made a double-take at this remark:

So for politically correct reasons, we’re moving the focus of the war on terrorism to a very bad place for us. The Russians couldn’t win there. Peter the Great couldn’t win there. Oh, but maybe the messiah can win there, ok.

People with even a passing knowledge of history will, of course, know that Peter the Great never went anywhere near Afghanistan (the closest he came was an abortive invasion of Moldavia — over 2,000 miles away — during his brief struggle with the Ottoman Empire). Ah, but since when did Ann Coulter ever let pesky little “facts” get in the way of her vitriolic bullshit?



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32 responses to “The Queen of Mean

  1. Ti-Guy

    If you manfully suffered all the way through to the end

    I can’t even begin to listen to that harridan anymore. The quality of the voice, the tone…it’s grating.

    “How can us Canadian Conservatives earn the love we have for you?”

    Was l’il Stevie Taylor there?

  2. I don’t think it was him. This guy had a pretty husky sounding voice… Isn’t Taylor’s kind of timorous and mincing?

  3. Perhaps Peter the Great was relying on all of those Canadian soldiers that Ann Coulter assured us that our government sent to Vietnam.

    The woman is, confirmedly, an idiot.

  4. Ti-Guy

    Well, I listened to the question from the fawning Canadian, and it’s pretty generic. It sounds pretty much like any of the Conservaboys, who all sound like their voices are still cracking right into their 30’s, which I believe has something to do with all the feminising, estrogen-like compounds they’ve been ingesting since childhood. It doesn’t help that so many of them have adopted that nasally American accent.

    Related: There was a documentary on the CBC the other day: The Disappearing Male Disturbing.

  5. The voices of the GOP – Limbaugh, Coulter, Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly.

    I guess with their health care crisis there wasn’t any room in the asylums for these folks.

    I’ve often wondered if Kathy Shaidle is trying to be Canada’s Coulter in hopes of becoming wealthy saying ridiculous things.

  6. I think Rachel Marsden was trying to nail down that dubious honour.

  7. Ti-Guy

    I get a little foggy on the genesis of all of our Coulter/Limbaugh wannabe’s, since they all rose to prominence while I was living abroad. It was shocking to me to see all these weirdos….Marsden, Levant, Shaidle, Steyn…being given so much space in the media when I moved back.

  8. I’m reminded of the time she said that Canada participated in the war in Vietnam.

  9. I just read some of the BT’s – good grief, they think the speeches by Limbaugh and Coulter were awesome – now, that’s frightening to say the least.

    They don’t even care that these two lie and fib continually – unbelievable.

  10. The Seer

    But she was right about Canadians — “you’re either really, really good, or really, really awful.”

  11. Ti-Guy

    I’m reminded of the time she said that Canada participated in the war in Vietnam.

    She (and her followers) still argue that that was essentially correct. For any number of reasons…the number of Canadian resident in the US who signed up, the contributions of Canadian industry to goods manufactured and used during the war, etc. etc.

  12. Ti-Guy

    But she was right about Canadians — “you’re either really, really good, or really, really awful.”

    I thought we were middle-of-the-road and boring?

    I wish you Anglospherics would settle on a narrative already.

  13. The Seer

    By the way, it’s not some “Conservative Political Action Conference;” it’s the Conservative Republican Action Conference (CRAP).”

  14. Heh. My bad.

    p.s. I think that any time a right-wing nut refers to the “Democrat Party” the response should be made to the “Republicanistic Party” — tit for tat. That comes from Barney Frank, btw.

  15. Sandi — I haven’t had the stomach (or the time, more importantly) to indulge in the awestruck gushing over Rush’s ignorant gasbaggery that I’m sure is going on in BT Land. The adoration and swooning over Coulter goes without saying. I have little doubt that some of the dismal wankers comprising the majority of Bloggin’ Tories will have beaten off to those videos (as utterly horrifying as that is to imagine).

  16. “How can us Canadian Conservatives earn the love we have for you?”

    This is positively stomach-churning in its obsequiousness, and shockingly unpatriotic in fact – as well as in reality.

    Earn the “love” of some Foreign media personality?

  17. Especially when his question was made in the context of her past remark that Canada should be “thankful” that the U.S. didn’t just roll over and crush us.

    I’d suggest this is a “love” spawned out of a deep kind of self-loathing.

  18. Ti-Guy

    Frankly, the whole CPAC event saddens me. There doesn’t appear to be one, single voice involved in the whole thing that even tentatively suggests that maybe rock-bottom lunacy and sheer mental retardation isn’t a good direction for “conservatives.”

  19. Quite the contrary. As that commenter over at ThinkProgress that I quoted yesterday said, they boldly embrace the insanity.

  20. psa

    looks like the praying mantis lady bought herself some upgraded plastic hooters for the occasion. she didn’t used to look so, um, statuesque. if so, that would mean that there’s at least some identifiable substance to her. kind of fitting for her intellectual pornography. she’s always been fucked in the head she might as well look the part for those last few bitter years of advancing age. soon she’ll resemble the shagged out, nasty ideas she peddles.

  21. When a party gets as soundly rebuked as the GOP did, the only people left in the tent are usually the most ardent supporters – in this case, the craziest right wing nutjobs.

    But if they want any shot at a comeback, one of these dim bulbs is going to have to realize that moving further to the right is the wrong move.

  22. Ti-Guy

    I thought those knockers looked a little more front-and-centre than they used to be, but who knows….they can amazing things with bras these days. As the one I’m sporting now will attest to. 😉

  23. Ti-Guy

    When a party gets as soundly rebuked as the GOP did…

    You know, all things considered, the rebuke was not nearly as sound as it should have been.

    One would have imagined a rout such as that experienced by the Progressive Conservatives in 1993 would reassure the rest of us that all was right in the Universe, but that wasn’t the case.

    Still too many scary Americans for my liking.

  24. Well, given the nature of the electorate, I think the election of a black Democrat as president and the success of Democrats in the House and Senate races as is as sound a rebuke as we could have expected south of the border. A 1993-esque implosion would have been nice, but rather unlikely.

  25. Ti-Guy

    I’m just worried this will only be an 8 year break in batshit lunacy, after which they’ll come back, crazier than ever.

    They ain’t gettin’ any saner, from the looks of it. The response so far to their losing strategy has been to become even nuttier.

  26. Ti-Guy — You know, all things considered, the rebuke was not nearly as sound as it should have been.

    No kidding. That is one point she made that was something to ponder. Even though the victory in the Electoral College was a decisive one, in terms of the popular vote, there was still just a 53/47 split and that was against a fairly hapless Republican candidate. You have to wonder what on earth it would take to produce a truly resounding, lopsided victory. So many people are firmly entrenched in their positions that almost nothing seems capable of moving them or swaying their opinion.

  27. Ti-Guy

    We really do underestimate the psychological discombobulation of the Right, which, in itself, is a manifestation of widespread public ignorance that practically everyone is afflicted with, but the elites, most disturbingly.

  28. I’d suggest this is a “love” spawned out of a deep kind of self-loathing.

    Blimey! Why haven’t I ever thought of that…?

    LOL! You would “suggest”… 🙂

    I’ve got a fairly generous archive of terms that cover that cringing low-life’s pathology. “Self-loathing”, is fine, but it can be used only so many times; the need for elegant variation soon becomes pressing. There are many other options, viz.: “autophobe”; “Pentagoon”; “Uncle Sam’s Uncle Tom”; “crackerphile”; “Vichyssois”, etc.

    Ultimately, though, complex noun phrases like “pathetic, parasitical pile of ox shit” tend to convey the condition most accurately.

  29. I was being discrete. 😉

    Far be it that I be accused of “name-calling” which tends to get one’s quite legitimate points dismissed without further consideration. Accordingly, I’ve been trying to dial that back a little recently.

  30. Well, “our” dear leader is anti-Canadian and full of republican envy too:

    “[Y]our country [the USA], and particularly your conservative movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country and across the world.”

    – Conservative leader Stephen Harper, then vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, in a June 1997 Montreal meeting of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing American think tank.

  31. I think it’s fair to say that his opinion on that may have changed in the span of 12 years. It’s quite a different world now.

  32. Ti-Guy

    I don’t think there’s any self-loathing here at all. Most of the loathing is directed at the rest of us in a context in which North American English-speaking conservatives now constitute one, single tribe, all singing from the same hymn book. All of these theatrics at CPAC are for the benefit of the rest of us watching, so they can irritate us we can see how much they hate us (which is something they get a lot of pleasure out of doing). I doubt seriously that’d they’d bother at all if there were no coverage by the media.

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